Saturday, May 2, 2009


I wonder what it is about family that is so interesting to me. I find it interesting how people in a family can share personality trates and even physical trates.
I chew my lower lip when I'm watching t.v., or concentrating, and apparently my dad's mom also did this. I stand like my aunt J. And Robbie said I sound like Kay when I write. She should see us together.
I have the humor of my cousin Queen, Kay acts and sounds and thinks like Queen as well as a little like my aunt I.
And all of this is so interesting because we were not really around these people that much growing up. (except aunt I.)
Is it nature or nurture?
My daughters have quite a lot of my nice little ways, and they are mine by choice, not birth. :)
So that is nurture.
My son is a carbon copy of his dad in looks....nature.
He likes sci-fi and fantasy...nurture (me)
I enjoy hearing about twins separated at birth and finding out that they share similar time lines and likes and such. I would study this if I had to study something.
What do you have in common with a family member?
Is it nature, or nurture?