Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This doesn't have a title. Just so you know.

My oldest daughter was sitting next to me on the love seat and said, "I like to think that we wouldn't be nearly so weird if you hadn't married daddy." I said , "Thank you!" To me that was a complement, and funny thing is she meant it as one. Shes weird.
Jen is weird as well (see last post), but I still see room for growth.
We will be going out to Colorado in about 15 days or so, but we still need to get someone to come and feed/water/litterbox/play with the cats for us, and someone to take the birds in. But other than that were ready. Well, the car is rented/reserved, and the girls have made a list of snacks for me to you know the important things are done.
I think I will start training tomorrow for the bladder hold. You know...we only get to "go" if we have to get fuel. I told the girls that I will take a sharp stick to poke Pete in the leg when we need to stop. I don't have anything else to say, but felt I needed to post something.
Alright, bye.