Friday, February 29, 2008


It seems that what people want is to hear the scoop on my beloved sister, so no one can say I disappoint. Here goes...
When we were young lings, my sister and I both had a cat. Her cats name was Smokey and he was gray ( how imaginative) and mine was named Tiger! He was tiger striped and I think very cleverly named ( I was only 9 or 10 so it was clever, she was almost in jr. high and should have had a better imagination, hee, hee). The mom cat was Fluffy, but shes not in this story.
Tiger loved me, he slept in my bed, he climbed in my window after I went to bed(because he was supposed to be out for the night) and he left that way in the a.m. If he would have been a human he would have been crazy, he was very spooky and SOMEONE I wont name names, but she would use that spookiness to her advantage. Just because my cat would beat the living stuffing out of her precious little kitty, she would stomp at him, and yell at him and just be pretty rotten. Now I'm not saying my cat was perfect, because he wasn't, he ate the butter on the counter, he brought mice into the house to share with us, he abused his sissy brother, but he kept all of the other cats in the WHOLE neighborhood out of our yard. For years. He lived to be about 21 or 22, but that's not this story. So sis had a hate/ hate relationship with my cat (as did others in my family- it was the two of us against the world) and one day she was eating thin sliced turkey meat. She was in high school I think and she was teasing him with it. Keeping it out of reach, but over him so he had to sit up to get it, and than she would pull it up and pop it in her mouth. He liked food, and he was long, I told her he would get it and she said something like " whatever". When she did it again he sat up and she started to pull it out of his reach and he FULLY sat up and grabbed her hand with his mighty claws of death and pulled her hand down to his mouth, where he very tenderly ate the turkey out of her hand (he wasn't a horrible cat) all the while she was yelling "ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-Julie, your stupid cat ow-ow-ow...and etc."
I laughed.
Once I was petting his tummy and said "hey, come and pet him", she said no he will get me. I kept petting him and showing her how gentle he was, finally she did and as soon as she touched him he grabbed her with all four claws of death. I laughed.
SO, someone left a comment about karma? Well, if a person believes in karma than they have to admit that certain behavior to an animal that only wants love and tenderness, but gets everything else instead is sure to result in a few ( to say the least ) painful experiences. The moral to this story is ....never tease a Wiesel (my cat-Tiger), teasing isn't nice!

p.s. Smokey was a very sweet kitty.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jerry- the Cat and Boo too!

I have 2 cats at my house like I told you earlier (look at last post)
Jerry is my hubby's cat, he used to live at the shop, not my hubby, but the cat. He would go outside when the shop would close down for the night and weekend, and would greet people and help my hubby fix cars during the day. It's another story that I'm not going into today (I hear cheers), but my Hub. decided to change his job from mechanic to Police officer. He retired Jerry and we brought him to our house to live the plush life.

MEANWHILE, I had lost my cat a year earlier to death, and I was cat-less. So sad. One day I was outside watching my man wash his motorcycle,and this skeleton dressed as a cat came out from under out truck. I feed her and looked all over town for her kittens, but alas I found none. She stayed around and was very charming and loving (that changed once she filled out). She was a keeper and I somehow talked the powers that be to keep her and we got her fixed. She is the color of our oak trim inside the house.
Her name is Taffy,Boo, and my oldest calls her meows.
So when Jerry retired he came home to a cat that thought this was her home first. You all should know how that works, and after about a year they finally like each other and play. The top picture is of Boo ( the flash hurt her eyes), the bottom is Jerry sleeping. Jerry is a drug addict (from the fumes at the shop) and his hobby is cleaning himself (bad skin-from the shop also I think). Boo is a hunter and enjoys "looking " at the little bird, she also is a talker-hence the name "meows".

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My House- My Very Loud House

I live in a loud house. I live in a very,very,very loud house. You can ask my Mom & Sister about our phone calls with all of the background noise going on.

Even right now as I type this my house is incredibly LOUD, and I'm the only one at home, the only HUMAN that is. That great big chicken that I'm holding (it's an old photo by the way) is our and I mean P's (but really mine-because I feed, wash, trim, train, spoil-oops not spoil.) Cockatoo-Koko. Koko used to belong to my husbands Sister. She worked all the time and the bird needed to be around people (they can develop mental illness,oh!, as well as give it!) and so my hubby asked ,and I didn't know better and now we have a bird. We have had her for 6 years-she is as old as our youngest girl by the way. 12 years old and she will only live about another 75 or so. She is wonderful if you like a somewhat talking/screaming feathered animal that pouts and cuddles and basically acts like a 3 year old child. I have taken her to my youngster's class' in the Elem. school and have been called the bird lady a time or two for my efforts. I always wanted to be a cat lady, but I only have 2 cats, and one cockatiel (a small bird that chirps and whistles and tries to talk like big sis does). 2 birds, 2 cats,3 teenagers, 1 husband. Yes I live in a very,very,very loud house. If you are interested in knowing some silly things about my bird Koko, I will give you a quick top ten (but there is more then ten you know)

1. She has eaten only one t.v. remote.

2. She has only stranded herself on the roof of our house once,

3. She can say "I love you", but don't get thrilled if she says it to you because she said it to a wasp once.

4. She does talk in context to any given situation, and understands what we say.

5. She chews on her toe nails- must be nerves. : )

6. She can bark like her former mommies dog.

7.She taught herself to whistle when we got the other bird- to compete for attention.

8.She is afraid of the little bird.

9.She does her tricks for me, but not for my hubby.

10.She is very,very,very,very loud- you can hear her down the street, it's so nice.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have said how my sis and I used to play bionic Woman as children. I don't know if she even knows this, but Jamie Summers wasn't my number one hero. Her name was Diana , she was tall and had dark hair that never got messed up, and worked for the military as a humble assistant or secretary to a really good looking military man. BUT,(if you don't already know) she was also Wonder Woman!! And she was wonderful! She could dodge raindrops, fly in an invisible jet!, throw her crown at you like a boomerang, and could lasso you with her "lasso of truth". She also had bracelets that deflected bullets! She wore red, white ,and blue with stars on her little outfit. Each color and star meant something, but I don't remember what- it had to do with a series of tests she had to pass in order to become "Wonder Woman!" I don't know why, but I have always loved her, and when the actress who played her was in the movie Sky High, I made sure my kids knew that that was Wonder Woman, THE Wonder Woman. The W.W. they have now in animation is just so wrong in so many ways I don't think I can name them all. But I'll try. First, she FLYS! Wonder Woman does NOT fly! She has an invisible jet, thank you very much. Second, she has run away from home against her mothers will, wrong! She had to EARN being Wonder Woman from her mother (she is an Amazon warrior by the way, thought you should know.) and she is a princess that has taken on the duty of defending mankind.... gheesh. I have tried to set my kids straight on these things, but I guess I will just have to go out and find the old T.V. series on DVD and buy it and make them watch it. Even today... if I am out in the rain I try to dodge the rain drops, but I can''s so sad.

Monday, February 25, 2008


I did something today that I thought was a good idea. It probably was, but right now I'm having serious doubts.

I work at our public schools here in my little town, I'm a lunch lady (Jenn) in the kitchen. I say schools because I started in the elem., than we had a remodel of that kitchen ( now a new one under construction), so I began working out of the middle school with my other peeps. We had to haul breakfast and lunch over to the elem. school every day. We used a van so stop thinking that we carried it all by hand because that would be silly. The schools are a football field length apart-about (but there isn't a football field, I just used it for a size), and we did all of the dishes also. It is heavy work and some people are wa-wa-babys. But now I am at the high school because two ladies over there couldn't get along, and because I can get along with just about anyone (really, I can) my boss asked if I would mind, and I knew she would move me anyway, so to make her not feel mean at moving me I said no problem. It is no problem, I like it and there is a lot less stress in many different areas, plus I don't have to haul food outside anymore. So now you know a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with what I'm about to say.

Our school nurse has started a steps class two days a week. I went today on the first day. It was fun...I almost was fun again.....I discovered I had abs...I almost died...I think I really enjoyed it. That's how it went, and now I am thinking I will be sorry tomorrow. We go again on Wed. and she gave homework! No white at night 3 days this week (no white food, so nothing good) after 2p.m., and measure 3 places, stay off the scale, and drink a lot of water now until next class. May the force be with me, because I really need this class, I'm about, well I feel a little puffy. That's all I have to say about that!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bionic Woman and Friends

When I was little, my sister and I would watch the T.V. show Bionic woman where the hero was Jamie Summers. She was a bionic woman! She could hear through walls, run as fast as a car, bend metal with her hands/arms, in a word... she was cool! I can't remember what else she could do, but my sister and I, along with a friend, could do the same and oh so much more. We would spend the first 10-20 min. dividing all of the body parts between us(not that the division was EQUAL mind you) and than we would go to play. Now the thing with being bionic is that you are really ssssslllllloooooowwwww. And you have to say.."bbaaaaaaddaaaaaaadddoooooooddeeeeee" when you are being bionic.

Many of you know my dear sweet sister, and she is ....NOW. Lets just say that back than she had a short window for playing anything outside and anything with me. I knew that it was on the count down once you got her away from her book, so I tried to play as fast and hard and fun as I could because it wouldn't last very long. Now how much fun is it to be around a child that is grabbing at you and demanding your attention, not much and I know that because I'm a mother. So the thing was I could sense when the top was gonna blow and I usually helped with the blowing of the top, if you know what I mean. I remember one day she had bionic everything and I had like bionic fingernails or something (you could never had the same bionics as someone else, ever) and she was running after me putting one leg in front of the other in slow-mo going... "bbbbbaaaaaddddddddaaaaaadddddddeeeeeeeewwwwwwwaaaa" and I was just standing in front of her waiting for her to ddddaaa over to me. I decided to break the unspoken rule, I ran. I could run fast and I did... in circles around my sister. "Stop that your suposed to be slower than me" so I would say something very innocent like "than run faster slow poke!" Did I mention that I got smacked a lot?

All of this to say ... I love my sister very much, and I feel that if she wasn't my sister she would be someone I would want as a friend. I feel that she is my friend even now, so even if we are almost as different as night and day, I feel that we are also peas in a pod (sometimes). We can laugh at the same very silly things(pass the soap), we share some painful memories, and we are always able to tell each other ( now without getting slapped), "run faster slow poke".

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My very first Post

Congrats to me!! I have joined the gazillion other people in the world who think they have something to say. I know I don't have anything to say that hasn't been said before, but maybe I can make you smile or perhaps laugh a little, or at least say your glad your not me.
My sister has a blog.
My cousin(s) has a blog.
Even my Mother has a blog!
And now I do too.
I have always seen life from a little different angle than others, at least that's what I've been told, so I guess we will see what will happen over the next few however long I do this. I guess you all are friends of my sister or Mom, so, Welcome! I hope you forgive my bad grammar and poor spelling, as I will forgive yours. So welcome to my life and hold on, because it's very loud and busy here. I have a house full, but I better save that for another entry. See! Now I already have something else to talk about.