Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessing

A story to dramatize a true event.

Little one was cold and afraid. Standing in the middle of a big flat spot little one suddenly saw a man. The man told little one to get off of the big flat spot and come into the ditch with him. The man comforted the little one and told her that pretty soon she would be warm and get something to eat.
Soon a big thing went by really fast on the big flat thing and the man told her that was a car and the flat thing was a road and that they were both very, very dangerous. He kept her warm and calm until they both heard a loud rumble coming down the road. This was it, the man told little one, go now into the middle of the road and wait a nice lady will take you to a home that's nice and warm . Little one was afraid because the man told her it was dangerous to go into the road, but he said this was it and she had to go. Little one went into the middle of the road. The big truck came down the road, but little one could still see the man in the ditch and his smile made her brave. Little one started running to the truck and it made it stop and a person came out of it and picked her right up. Little one couldn't understand the lady like she did the man, but she knew she was safe and she sang and sang and sang her happiness to the lady.
Little one now has a home and food and a brother and sister ( they don't like her very much yet, but it wont take long she thinks) When little one left with the lady she tried to see the man one more time, but he was gone. Oh well, little one thought, he must have other little ones to help somewhere.

Little one now has a new name "Bling Baby Bradford" proud kitty of Joanna.
Bling is dark grey with light strips on her sides and head. Cute little thing, probably the runt.
P.S. the nice lady gets mean when she thinks that someone just dumped kitty by the woods and fields. Grrrrrr!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Greetings fellow Earthlings! And Other Readers.

The Library is finished and the color of choice for the inside seems to be green. Green walls, green carpet, green furniture. It's all in different shades of green, but still green. I can stand it, but if you hated green you would just curl up and die! It's green.
My folks are here for a visit. We are right now at the green library. My mom is using my card to use the computer and my dad was reading a magazine, but now he is lost and I don't know where he went. The girls are on two other computers, I can see their screens from where I sit and spy on them...hee, hee, heee! I'm also spying on my moms screen because she is using MY card and I don't want to get into trouble for something she does. She's just next to me.
Did I ever tell you how loud the library is here? Well, this new one seems to have a hushing effect on people. Must be the green.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Story ( Not a true one, a made up make believe one)

When I woke up this morning I was in jail. I didn't remember the night before, or the whole day before as far as that goes. The jailer brought me a wonderful breakfast of runny oats, hard toast, and a cup of something warm and brown. My guess was coffee, but it could have been rusty tap water for the blandness of it.
In the holding cell next to mine was a person of undetermined sex, snoring as if their life depended on it. I tried to call out to the guard several times, but all I ever got was a muffled "shut up in there", so I decided to calm down and try to put the pieces together...if I could.
Okay, I was in jail. That much was obvious, but where the jail was I had no idea. I didn't recognize the jailer that brought my breakfast, but that didn't mean much since I didn't know any Police officers or jailers anyway.
The person in the next cell seemed healthy enough, probably sleeping off a binge, but I don't think that could help me any.
As I leaned against the cool brick wall, trying to remember anything from the previous twenty-four hours, I slid back and pinched my backside against something in my back pocket. Pockets! I never thought to check my pockets, but didn't the cops usually empty your pockets whenever you went to jail? Maybe I wasn't in a regular jail, because I had stuff in my pockets.
Back pocket held my mystery there, John Hill, 32 years old. No money, no credit cards, and no pictures.
I had a pink, wide tooth comb in my other back pocket...that one was strange, because I had a really short buzz cut. I placed the wallet and the comb on the cot next to me. Standing up, I reached into my front right pocket. A folded drink coaster from a place called the "Breeze", and a toothpick with cellophane crinkle thing at one end. I added them to the others on the cot.
Reaching into my other front pocket...I pulled out a picture that had been ripped in half and taped back together. It was a picture of a beautiful blond...a beautiful blond that I had never met, believe me I would remember this girl.
Looking at the stuff on my cot, the wallets with my I.D., the pink comb, drink coaster, frilly toothpick, and the beautiful girl. What in the world did I do yesterday? Who was this girl in the picture...a pink comb, that comb could belong to the girl? Did I meet this girl at "Breeze"? The toothpick could have been in a club sandwich - one of my favorites-, or maybe an appetizer. I tried arranging the items differently to see if anything would trigger my memory, but nothing did. Lunch came and went, and still I was no closer to solving the events of my recent past. I decided that sooner or later someone would come to talk to me, or bail me out, so I decided to take a nap to pass the time.
Instead of sleeping, my mind started to go over the limited possibilities of what could have happened. Finally, when I was just about to fall asleep I remembered I was supposed to meet my buddy Bob at the "Houston Bar and Grill" last night. Yeah!, I did go and meet him last night. I sat up in the was starting to come together. My wallet with my I.D., empty, normally full of spending cash and at least one credit card especially when going out on the town like I was last night. I went and met up with Bob at the Houston and ate a Turkey Club with steak fries, that’s right, my treat. That was when Bob started telling me about this new club that was opening up in the next town thirty miles away, the "Breeze" it had some sort of tropical theme, he really wanted to go see what it was like. He promised me an introduction to his cousin, Christie- the blond in the picture. He gave me that photo so I could recognize her just in case he found a girl of his own first. The picture tore in half when he pulled it out of his wallet, and the waitress at the Houston taped it for him. I remembered us driving to the Breeze, and paying the cover charge-again my treat, and finding Christie and her friend, Sally. Bob and Sally started to dance, and Christie and I started to talk.
Dull. That’s all I remember about Bob's cousin. She had to check her make-up about every five minutes and she handed me her comb, her pink comb, while she went to dance with some cowboy. Jail, I remember now. I was finally able to drag Bob away from his new girl and on the drive home the car broke down. A wrecker stopped and wanted to have a credit card as collateral in order to tow the car to a garage. Bob had been drinking quite a bit and when I told him that since I paid for everything else, he needed to give the driver his credit card. I remember a fight, and the cops coming, and than waking up in the jail. My credit card was gone, so I guess I lost the fight.
Okay, I got put in the clink, but what about Bob? And than it hit me...the drunk in the next cell. Just about that time I hear a familiar voice mutter "Man! What happened to me last night" "I'm in jail!!"

Monday, August 17, 2009


Pete said,"Hey Julie, look at that guy sitting in his taxi."
Down town Denver, CO.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What have I been up to?

As some of you may or may not know I and my family have just returned from a vacation in Colorado. We journeyed across Kansas, through the horizontal hills of the great "bread basket of America", the wonderful smell of "cow money" (as I like to call it) and at last into the mysterious land of the Colorado. Side note: I only almost peed my pants once on the way out, but thanks to the Blue Hereford gas/ restaurant thingy I made it. whew! (Not that Pete wouldn't stop, it's just wasn't any place to stop) Our reunion was just fine, and I got to get caught up on some old childhood friends. The McGuires and, well, I guess just the McGuires.

We went over the Wet Mt. pass on a nice ride, and over Skyline Dr., and to the Prison Museum on Canon City (very fun actually), and to Red Canyon Park. Tons of pictures.

We than went to Parker to mooch off my sister and her family for a few days. They put out a good spread by the way. Went on a train thingy to Denver, walked around a little and ate at the Cheesecake Factory...yummo! Watched some silly movies and almost went to a writers meeting at a bookstore. :) Came home across Kansas again ( I like Kansas actually) and almost peed my pants again ( Blue Hereford saves the day once again) and when we came home the naked ladies were almost gone from our yard.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This doesn't have a title. Just so you know.

My oldest daughter was sitting next to me on the love seat and said, "I like to think that we wouldn't be nearly so weird if you hadn't married daddy." I said , "Thank you!" To me that was a complement, and funny thing is she meant it as one. Shes weird.
Jen is weird as well (see last post), but I still see room for growth.
We will be going out to Colorado in about 15 days or so, but we still need to get someone to come and feed/water/litterbox/play with the cats for us, and someone to take the birds in. But other than that were ready. Well, the car is rented/reserved, and the girls have made a list of snacks for me to you know the important things are done.
I think I will start training tomorrow for the bladder hold. You know...we only get to "go" if we have to get fuel. I told the girls that I will take a sharp stick to poke Pete in the leg when we need to stop. I don't have anything else to say, but felt I needed to post something.
Alright, bye.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Super Girl !

Once upon a time...
There was a little girl named Jenni-Boo. Jenni Boo was just a normal little girl until she found some magic cling paper.
This magic cling paper was carelessly discarded by her father while he was putting window tinting on the inside of the living room windows.
Jenni-Boo asked her father if she could have the scraps of cling paper and he said she could, and than he laughed a wicked wicked laugh (not really you know) because he just knew she could do nothing with the poor discarded scraps.
But he was wrong!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Secret Message

This is a secret message to someone who knows who they are.
"The wheels are now in motion"
"The tents have all been packed"
"The monkeys have all been tranquilized"
"The clowns have folded their hats"
"The caravan will soon commence
To travel down the road"
July 29- August 5

On another train...thought that sure be hot down here in not God's country. I think I can just not stand it!!
Oh, and Kay, you know that the only reason that you think I'm weird is because it takes one to know one and I bet you didn't have to have me pointed out to you! Burn baby...only thing worse than a "sister burn" is a "mama burn" so my girls say and I'm both!! OUCH! Um, okay...I'm weird...sorry.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am now at the public library, so I have to type small. Small is the same as quiet just so you know.
I am using the public library's computer...I feel a little dirty.
I hope you can hear me alright...sorry mom. You will just need to get out your glasses.
Getting closer to seeing the elephants Kay. They move sorta slow you know. :)
Okay, bye, bye for now.
P.S. Have I ever told you people (you people...I like saying that) that this is the loudest library I've ever been in? People sing right out loud and talk on phones and talk to each other and laugh!! I'm the quietest one and that's saying something.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I wonder what it is about family that is so interesting to me. I find it interesting how people in a family can share personality trates and even physical trates.
I chew my lower lip when I'm watching t.v., or concentrating, and apparently my dad's mom also did this. I stand like my aunt J. And Robbie said I sound like Kay when I write. She should see us together.
I have the humor of my cousin Queen, Kay acts and sounds and thinks like Queen as well as a little like my aunt I.
And all of this is so interesting because we were not really around these people that much growing up. (except aunt I.)
Is it nature or nurture?
My daughters have quite a lot of my nice little ways, and they are mine by choice, not birth. :)
So that is nurture.
My son is a carbon copy of his dad in looks....nature.
He likes sci-fi and fantasy...nurture (me)
I enjoy hearing about twins separated at birth and finding out that they share similar time lines and likes and such. I would study this if I had to study something.
What do you have in common with a family member?
Is it nature, or nurture?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hair it is.

My daughter had just finished brushing my hair. It is usually very knotty and kinda curly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ever, Ever

My hair is the longest it's ever been. Ever, ever, ever, ever. I watched "The Wind in the Willows", the PBS English version, and Toad promised to "never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,EVER, ever...etc a motor car again." But we all know he lied. I'm not fibbing when I say that my hair is the longest it's ever,ever, ever, ever, EVER been!
Just thought you might want to know this.
How long is it you say?
It's so long that it gets caught in my arm pits!
It's so long that it almost could serve as a modesty cover (if you know what I mean)
Well, thats all I guess.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Kay isn't weird people!! She is my hero! I guess I had my Christmas background on 3 times or something silly like that. What a goof am I.
Anyway what have I been doing?
1. I spent about 2 hours teaching my computer to learn my voice in my voice recognition program, and it still says " what was that?" or "not able to do that at this time" :( Kay.....:)
2. Getting ready for the boy's graduation next month. By the way, the day after we got our pictures of him in his prom dudes he went out and had the top of his hair dyed RED. Just in time for graduation and by that time it will have faded to orange or pink. hee, hee.
3. I just downloaded messanger and I invited some of you and some I didn't, but thats not because of anything, I just went and pulled from my addresses. I will not be available very often anyway because we don't have internet at the house. I use the library you know.
Okay, good for now. Next time I will tell you a good story. Promise.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well I'm back.
First thing. I Can't change my stupid Christmas background!!!! I try and try and try and I just can't do it! Imagine a foot stomp and sniffle after that sentence.
Second. I don't know how much time I can really put into this blog thing. My last post was in January! I will have to think about it.
Third. I may have to give all of my secret information to my sister and have her change my background for me. hee,hee.
D. My computer lid was cracked and I got it fixed for free by H.P. because of some recall or some such thing on the lid hinges. Yippee!!! I was sad about my computer, and now I'm not sad anymore.
E. I have lost 11 pounds and about 20 inches so far on my diet. I keep trudging along.
And six. We have mystery flowers coming up here in our yard. Mayhaps tulips, or daffodils. When we find out what they are we will move them where we want them.
Okay. I have to go home and feed my family...they think they need to eat! Cheesh! Some people, huh! :)
I will catch up on all of your blogs as soon as I can
Hi Melissa!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Happening

The kids are getting the third snow day tomorrow...well, make that an "ice" day.
My oldest girl fell on the stairs Sunday and maybe broke her big toe, but maybe not because she is much better today. She had to use crutches on Monday and now her underarms are brused. :(
It sounds like a big horrible thing to almost break your toe, but she falls on the stairs about twice a week. I'm just glad it's not her neck! Yes, she is a little clumsy.
My son, now 18, used a rubber mallet hammer to get the ice off of his car. He knows that you can crack the glass, he had to get the ice off of ALL of his car...I guess it goes better when it's ice free. My sinus infection from you know where is comming back. I can't even get my netti pot to work. The water wont even go through. Sad. My face bones hurt as well as my teeth. I hate winter! Okay, I will visit your blog(s) next visit to the library. Right now I'm at the house using the little ones puter. Okay bye. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I got a camera for Christmas!

This is my runny eye. And by the way...what color would you say? Hazel or brown? Kay always said "sewer brown", but we know how she is.

Thursday, January 8, 2009