Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Shared Sadness

Tony died. Maria and Tony just wanted to go to a special place, he was going to take her hand and be halfway there...somewhere...sometime, and now he's dead. They all killed him...killed him with their hate!! Poor Maria. I almost cried!
The other sadness I have to share is that I have a great big bubble blister on my pointer finger on my right hand. I got it cutting frozen bread at work. I want to pop it, but know better so I won't. I guess if I cry over Tony and Maria I could say it's from my blister.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that I enjoy about the winter.
1.Being warm inside while it's cold outside.
2. Hot tea
3. Hot chocolate
4. Thanksgiving
5. Christmas
6. Listening to the snow fall in the middle of the night
7. Seeing the frost patterns on the windows
8.Hallmark specials on T.V.
9.How the night sky looks...I love to star gaze
10.Getting to bundle up...coat, gloves, hat, scarf
11.not getting woke up by sun light at 6a.m.
12.Frosty air
13.The smell of snow

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Camper

If you have to go camping, at least be happy about it.
As you can see, it annoys your friends. :) Win/win situation.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Whatever...

Firstly, Mom, I don't know why I keep getting dropped while we are IM ing.
Nextly, We might have figured out our heating problem. We are using a pellet stove, and a Eden Pure radiant heater. It's a lovely 74 in the house. But probably around 67 in the bedroom. Oh well.
Also, Robin had her baby, and she had a little girl just like I told her to do. Good girl (s). :)
Our big cat is a little pushy these days. And the little one is also a bully! She attacks Jerry...on the night...while we are trying to go to sleep. Fun times. But don't worry, I have so many blankets on the bed that we don't feel the claws...and teeth. Yup, fun times.
OK! I have a new meme to start. I made it up myself today at work. If anyone says that they have already done or seen it they are wrong because I made it up myself today at work.
You know all of the blah,blah,blah and than you have to tell four (or more) things about yourself that NO ONE knows! Not even family. I will tag 3 people or so, and than since I know just about everyone after that you really don't need to tag anyone...just everyone do it!
Me first.
Hmmm, let me think...OK.
1. I talk to inanimate objects.. some examples: oven at work (don't burn me!), cookie cutter, car, you get it.
2. I often skip when I could just walk.
3. I've developed the ability to suddenly "just appear" behind people with out them hearing me, and they turn and "oh yipes!, you scared me" I don't mean to creep, but I guess I do. Funny since I skip a lot.
4. I peed in Kay's shower once, and I'm not one bit sorry!

I tag Spinster, Queen, and Mom's. Remember, it has to be something that your pretty sure only YOU know you do.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bad Day?

Ever have one of those days? You know, the day that everyone is so stupid, or annoying?
It's easy to think that your the only one to have a bad day. I sometimes can have a bad week!
But today, and the last few weeks have actually been rather good for me. I try really hard to not get pulled into the teenage drama, and when someone is grouchy I just growl back.:)
I have found it a stress reducer to stick my tongue out at my husband when he is being especially "special" He sticks his right back out at me and than gives me a smile. So I guess it's alright to do. Now I don't recommend that you stick your tongue out at the snarky check out lady, but if you do PLEASE let me know what happens!!
Oh, and if you do it to someone while they are turned around....well, just remember that people are pretty quick.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


1. Put your i pod/mp3 on shuffle to get the answers to the questions. use the next button to get the next answer...use the song that shows up!
2. I got this from Kay at Loop De Loops blog.








WHAT IS 2+2?





















Some things that I like.

I am sitting on my bed...using the inter net! Go figure.
The TV is playing an old Pink Panther, the one with the actor who isn't Peter Sellers. Not that great I think. Funny, but not the same. Better looking than Peter Sellers, but not as funny.
Tell me some of your favorite things. I bet all agree on the chocolate!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


The weather has taken a turn for the winter here in my wonderful state. Last night after watching the weather my youngest (12) said "Mom! We are gonna have snow furries tomorrow!" I said, "Yes, or snow flurries" She didn't mean to say furries, but now, of course, that's what I will forever and ever call them. And it has been a little furry today

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blah, blah, blah.

This is a rainy, wonderfully dreary day. I am sitting on my daughters messy bed in her messy room using the Internet. The upstairs gets someones Internet. Yes, I guess we are pirates.
My throat hurts, and my sinus' are creepy too. Anytime the weather changes my body from the shoulders up goes "bloingko!" That's my word for it. Feel free to use it if you want to, no charge. I shall attempt to put a few poems on this.
Never mind, I'll do it later. Bye.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So, it's FPO, and not FTO. Sorry. Kay, that's funny because this guy has been a" joy" to P. for several weeks, and he (FPO) was on the side of the road and slipped down into a ditch! P's exact words to me when telling me this story were, "he rolled down a hill and into a ditch. (it was dark out) P. looked for him and couldn't find him, and thought he might be in the other patrol he left. He was the tail end of a cop car convoy. The first car went and P just had to go also.
Whats second funny about this is that he landed on his mace and sprayed his butt!!
Whats thirdly funny about this is that (he was only a block from the station) a Seargent drove by him on his way into work and said "their is a suspicious man in "overalls" walking along the road...go check it out." It was the cop! And another officer picked him up.
Some other guy sent e-mails all around the department saying things like..
" Academy=$5000., Equipment=$1000., Nice shiny patrol car=10,000., leaving your FPO on the side of the road=priceless."
It's a training process that is really like having someone tell you how to do what you already know what to do. Also to introduce you to department procedures. Ok, thats all.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Laugh, monkey girl, laugh!!

When was the last time you laughed really hard? I did just last week, when my husband left his FTO beside the road in the dark after the guy fell into a ditch. Sweet!
The cartoon above is there because of another time when I laughed really hard.
My Dad had just had mouth surgery ( wisdom teeth at 60-something) and my Mom and I were driving home talking about the road we were on, and weather, and other interesting stuff. My Pops was in the back bench seat of the mini van, and we thought he was out, because he was very "out" if you know what I mean. All of a sudden he throws himself ( drapes his arms on the back of the seat in front of him) on the seat in front of him and says in a strange creepy story teller voice.." It was a dark and stormy night, and I was driving home from work on highway 50..." Mom and I just looked at each other and at him and busted up laughing!!! He was like.. what? He just wanted to share a road/weather story with us. He was really, really feeling good. I had never seen my Dad that silly before, but let me tell you, It was great!!
So, when was the last time you had to just laugh? Not the polite snicker snicker reserved for tv shows, but the real tear running down your face laughing? I would like to have you tell me about it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not much to say today.

I don't have anything very important to say to you all today. My job is going alright I suppose, and Hubbies is going fine also.
It's cold these days, and we don't think the pellet stove is going to keep us very warm this winter. I hope it does, but I don't think it will.
I'm reading a book of short stories by Stephen King "Everything's Eventual" It's actually very good so far. Not all of them are scary stories. The ones that are a little too much (a short story about the guy in the Dark Tower series- that I don't like) I just skip over. I really enjoy reading short stories. S.K. said in his introduction, that short stories are dying out, and that he writes so many each year just to keep it up. Apparently it's not as easy to write a short story as one would think. And everyone wants books. Not as many magazines left that publish short stories, etc.
So I buy books of short stories, great American short stories, short stories of all kinds, just to keep it alive. I do my part. :)
I'm feeling poetic this time of year. I think I will churn out a few poems here in the next few days. I will share if they are any good. I know I should write even when I don't feel like it, but I enjoy it more when I'm "in the mood" to write.
My friend from P.H. might read this, and if so "Hi Friend" You know who I'm talking to!! :)
I might get to switch computers with my husband, before he kills his. It just doesn't like him, or the other way around. Go figure that he wouldn't have any patients for computers. He has to think about it. Our friend he used to work with will help us switch out.
Okay, you all have a good weekend, and week. Stay warm and I hope it doesn't snow on you. I really hope that if it has to snow somewhere, it's on you and not me!!! I mean that with love. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pictures from the Visit.

The bounty of my Mom's garden.

This is a picture of my husband cutting tile in the back yard. He made a face mask by using clothes pins to hold a sock around his mouth and nose.

So, my Mom and I are in the kitchen and she looks up and sees this cat head looking at her. Just Boo kitty.

A picture of our finished hearth with the pellet stove. And Jerry cat.

Just a picture of the stuff we put on our ledge in the living room. The red Fisher Price toy clock is mine.

This is the desk my parents brought me. It used to be my Grandmother's desk, and now it's mine. Kay, I shall put my name on it.
In all, the visit was very nice. We are still getting the kitchen floor tiled, and now the hall way is also torn up in getting ready. We work around my husbands days off.
I guess someone who knows my in-laws have given us a brand new (almost) double reclining sofa. My husband is going to have to go to Branson early this week to pick it up. My in-laws are also moving to another home- larger I think, but in the same region. My mother in law likes to move. I don't think I do.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let the Fun Begin !

They are here!!! We are right now at the library and I'm using my husbands lap top and mom is using mine. Don't ever get her a lap top ! Ever! I think she would throw it at you, but first she would thank you, and than throw it at you.
We have gone out to eat, had sandwiches at the house, broke one pair of flip flops, started the tile work on the kitchen floor, napped on the couch a little, got lost in Springfield, went into some junk stores, and bought a diet Pepsi instead of a real one by mistake. This is the first full day. You have to remember that these things have been done by any of 7 people. For instance, I did the bad on the Pepsi. My eldest daughter broke the flip flop. My dad did the tile work. Ha, ha, ha, ha,ha. Not really. He did the nap work on the couch.
My parents need to get a cell phone. Visit momstheword blog to get the why on that.
The visit is going great. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My folks are gonna brave the wide beauty of Kansas this week just to come and see me!!
Ok! See the kids.
And my husband.
But they have to see me if they want to see them!! Ha!
Anyhow, we will have the same plans that we always have.
1. Eat at the home-probably cold cuts and chips.
2. Eat a BBQ meal at home, burgers, brats, b.beans, p.salad, etc.
3. Go out somewhere to eat. This gets more expensive each year, but we only go out a couple times each visit.
4. Sit and look at each other while someone (no names mentioned because I don't want anyone to make fun of my dad) sleeps on the couch.
5. Sit and talk about what we can do.
6. Get begged to go to walmart by at least one child.
7. Maybe go to the dollar store.
8. And finally, remember all the cool things I wanted to do only when they are halfway home.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

meme meme meme meme

I done been tagged to do this four meme thing, so here I go.

Four Places I regularly go over and over.

Wal- mart, Price Cutter, work, Son's work (until he gets his wings)

Four Places I would rather be right now.

Colorado, New Mexico, out side, in bed asleep

Four of my Favorite places to eat.

Taco Bell, Mexican place in Springfield, Chinese food, Sonic

Four People I'm tagging right now.

I think anyone who wants to do this should. Just let me know so I can go see.

Four T.V. shows I watch.

Sara Conner's Chronicles, CSI NY, & Miami, Criminal Minds, Numbers.

Four people who e-mail me

sister in law, Robin, My Mom, My Aunt I.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Here are some random pictures from my life. A few cats, birds, mess, husband, house. P. is trying to finish the hearth for our new wood pellet burning stove. At home today he is almost finished. He will grout it tomorrow. I will have a picture of the finished product.

Jerry cat-wanting to go outside


back of house

privacy fence with missing section

Mother in law room (ha, ha!)

husband squinting because he hates his new bi-focal glasses & can't see very well with them

Boo kitty looking at husband through hole

view from stairs of the mess
Boo kitty-still supervising
hey Kay, rub his belly!

Boo kitty. She will jump off this onto the sofa

Boo in the poop pan.
And thank you for your prayers. I have noticed a change in attitude for me and the boy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


First, I work at a place called Fox's Pizza Den. I am the baker. I make chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies that get frosted with butter cream frosting, no bake cookies, pecan puffs, rice crispy bars, and whatever else I'm told to make. I also make the frosting. I cut the bread(frozen) into 4 inch lengths, and on another day I put it into pans with butter on it...proof it in the proof box and bake. 30 min. This bread becomes sandwiches through the magic of someone else, or garlic bread. (Ok, garlic bread doesn't make the bread into sandwiches, a person does. Just thought I would clear that up for you. The bread gets turned into garlic bread, OR sandwiches. A person does this.)

Second, I'm a bad, bad, bad, girl! I'm not- not drinking soda anymore. :)

Third, and this is just a random thing here, I started taking pre-natal vitamins-because I feel that my body is deficient in a major way- and I have lost 5 pounds! Plus I feel a lot better too. Go figure.

Fourth, I'm only taking those vitamins because I feel that they are like SUPER vitamins, not for any other reason-mom! Sorry.

Fifth, I am at the library again, and this time I'm with all 3 kids! I like the library too, Robbie. It makes me feel smart. I don't know why, just like I have the possibility of being smarter because I'm at the library I guess.

Sixth, I don't have any pictures of the house yet, but I do have a really cute one of my Taffy cat sitting in the poop tray of our big birds cage. Yeah, you will need to see that one for sure now.

Seventh, I really am almost all moved in. It's just that this home was near a tornado, and their is a little work that has to be done, and it is sucking all of our bonus child, and boost, and refund credit tax stuff. Husband is now at this moment replacing the electric fireplace with a wood pellet stove. We are going, and by we I mean my husband, to put tile down in the kitchen and the back hall. We already have it. Ready to go, just need the time to do it. Ha!

The back privacy fence is missing about one and a half sections (thank you tornado), and will have to be replaced.
We are all well and kicking and sassy here. I don't know if I will be able to have any set days for being on the computer, but I will always try to read all of your blogs even if I don't leave a comment.
Oh, eighth, the girls are doing fine with the school change, but the boy isn't. He has decided that he isn't going to talk to anyone on the bus, and maybe in his two class', because he "isn't here to meet people". I would really like those of you who would to please pray for this kid. 17 and going through a major attitude change, and not a change for the best. I think he feels that if he makes friends, or has fun here he is betraying his girlfriend back in Pleasant Hope. He has a job, so I don't know how he gets along with people there. It's just a little bouncy right now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello Everybody!

Well, I'm back...kinda.
I am at the library using wi- fi for free.
I will come here probably twice a week to post and check up on what everyone is doing.
My new work is alright so far, and I get half off my lunch. And all the soda from the soda fountain I want!!!
I will get pictures of the house posted next time I'm here if I can. I have the two girls with me now, and one is on her computer and the other is bored, so next time I might come with only one...or none. Anyway, until next time, bye.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Busy Weekend

We now own a new- to us- house! I will get pictures as soon as I can. The girls and I went down today and they cleaned - wood work, window sills, bathrooms, and floors. While I mowed the 9 inch grass. Monday we are using the huge rental truck to move everything that we don't get with little trips this weekend.
My hands hurt from mowing. :(
Last night I got a "moisturizing micro bead" thingy from my face soap in my right eye. I now have a horrible little puss thing on the top of my eye, like when I pull up my eye lid- the top of my eye ball. I've been using eye drops and rubbing it. My husband said that the soap burned it. It really hurts when I push on it. My mom would say "don't push on it" I shouldn't rub it either I guess, but it feels good. Anyway, Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 Remembered

Let us never forget.
Pray it never repeats.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is a poem I am putting in my "goodbye" card for my co-workers at work. :)

See the kitchens, see them all.
Busy little cooks.
Some are short, and some are tall
two of them are goofs.
Quiet cooks, and loud cooks, and some are in between.
But all today are sad cooks...:(
you see, they've lost their queen.

And the great part will be when they fight over who the two goofs are.
I am also giving them a little plastic cup with a few candies in it. I'm nice, because I am their Queen! I need a crown.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trunk Monkey


I have a new job waiting for me when we move to Republic. I am once again going to be baking. At least I know what I'm doing....kinda sorta. :)
I will be working at a pizza place making the cookies, and other yummy stuff, and some of the bread. I get only .40cents less an hour, and around the same hours a week. I figured that with out 20% being taken out for retirement (if I wanted it or not), and not having it stretched out to cover summer...I will be getting more each week. No benefits yet (that's what she said), but I can eat for half off. I may buy a lunch box. Pizza is not really my cup of tea, so to speak. But I love Italian sandwiches!
Our boy now has his first car, a 93 Ford Mercury. Burgundy. It's a big car, but rather sharp I say. It has some "used car" things about it, but hey, he is only 17. It runs!
The boy has been burning his candle at both ends...meaning staying up way too late talking to a certain red headed little girl, and yesterday was out in the drizzle learning man stuff about his car. So, today he has a 100.6+ temp. In bed being sick...talking on the phone. Only one more week of school left here for them, and I think that he may just reach his requirements and finish at the semester break,(1 to 2 credits left) and than do...well, I haven't guessed that far yet. He is already accepted to MSU in the fall, so I know that much. Gets at least one scholarship too! Needs a few more, but should get them...he is kinda smart.
Oldest girl is holed up in her room these days, but that will change when we move because for one, we will not have Internet. I plan on going to someplace to do my blog things. Otherwise she is all good on the move, just will miss her peeps.
Youngest is ready for the move too, as far as I can tell. We hope that her mouth won't get her nose bounced off her face. Hmmmm. I guess if it happens it happens. Shes not worried about it.
Hubby's job is still in the training phase, and not his favorite thing, but he will overcome! Once he is cut loose to do his job it will be alright. He has PTO's that he has to ride along with and they all want things done differently. Every one has their own little quirks I guess.
So that's what is going on here. Today we (hubby and myself) moved boxes to one area, cleaned wood cabinets, master bathroom, and master bedroom. My hands are all puffy from the cleaning water. Hope I don't die from it, or at least get moved first...I might otherwise get stuffed into a box, and not get unpacked until Christmas!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Box Land

This is Boo kitty under my elephant ears out front of the house.
This is the front of the house. The lawn is over due.
Garage, full of storage shed stuff.

Look! Boxes!

Boxes, and a Jerry cat.

And finally, some boxes.
We are almost all packed up, but we still need some guessed it, boxes.

Friday, August 29, 2008


We are now homeless.
We signed the papers to sell our current home. We are going to get paperwork signed for the new home for us, so ...God willing...we should be moving by next weekend.
I bought a memory card for my hubby's camera, so I will try to post some pictures in the next few days. It's a box wonderland here. The animals are loving it. Stuff to watch, and places to sit. I still feel a little like a pirate. Maybe it's because I'm now 40. The next half of my life may be sassy and full of pirate-ness. Pray for my family...:) I know, some might say "whats new with that?"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bugs Bunny

Okay, I know this is a little long, but this has always, and I mean always been my most favorite cartoon EVER! I just can't believe that you can't buy Bugs Bunny cartoons anymore! Apparently, some people say, they are too violent. Whatever!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Up Date

We have been going back and forth on price with one house. It is a Fanny Mae owned home, but very nice. We have a price that we are wanting to settle at, so please continue to keep us in your prayers about this whole thing. We are also waiting on the house inspection to happen for the people who are buying our home. Once that happens, and we get the $$$, we can (hopefully) move into the other home-if we settle on a price. What a mess! I don't know about these people who move every other year, and buy and sell homes like it's fun.

My hubby wants to make one trip (with a moving truck) when we move our stuff. Keep in mind that we will just put all of the clothes in the car's back seat, but also we have those 2 cats (& litter box), and 2 birds (& cages). 2 cars, and 1 pick-up truck, and the moving truck, and 3 kids. He thinks that he and the boy can do the heavy stuff by themselves. Maybe, but it's like having a young-strong-in a hurry puppy for a helper. :) He said someone might have to be left at the new home while a second trip is being made...I volunteer! :) but I am a driver, so probably not. Just a little stressed out, not much, but it hits me in waves. I might not have Internet once we move, so I will probably only post once a week or so...I will have to find a Panera- huh Kay.

If I had a memory thingy for our cameras I would take some pictures of the "box land" we have right now. Our oldest child has yet to pack, but he will, because I told him either he does it this week or I could do it for him. Guess what he choose. hee,hee. He knows I would do it too.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nancy Drew

This is a good movie that my girls and I enjoyed very much. It actually had laugh out loud parts in it, and I love a movie that makes me feel better than when I started to watch it. Enjoy.

100th post

Yeah, well, that was about 4 post ago. It was my waa, waa one. Oh well. :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Thirteen things that make me happy.
1. Sunshine (on my shoulders...).
2. Cool Breezes, and warm breezes.
3. Snow falling on a winter afternoon.
4. Fall...the colors, the sky, the temperature, the AIR.
5. A cat that likes me, and will let me love on it.
6. Rubbing a horses nose.
7. A good book.
8. Going for rides in the mountains (when I'm close enough to do this).
9. Playing in sand.
10.Watching something the kids(at work, so High Schoolers)during lunch.
11.Getting to go to bed early, and be left alone so I can go to sleep.
12.Office supplies.
13.Visiting/chating/blogging/talking to friends, and family.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here are some answers to your comments.
I have boxes and boxes of books in our shed.
I had a Pepsi today, but only because I packed all of my bedroom stuff and was famished for one.
But other than that no sugar.
We are labeling our boxes. Hubby is also a master mover.
Yes, the children are responsible for their own rooms (packing).
I have never read that book either.
I like brownies too.
And whatever else, but just to say...every box we get ready to use if you turn around a cat appears in it. Magic!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Others have been doing random thoughts, so I thought I would ramble also.
* I added a gadget thingy to my side bar that I borrowed from Monday's Blog.
* I don't know who that character is, so I hope it's good.
* I feel better today, but my head is still killing me, I think it's the pressure in the air.
* Thank you for praying for me while I was puny the other day.
* I made 240 brownies today, and only ate a tiny pinch! They were good, but the recp. called for 12 cups of butter...but that's a lot of brownies.
* And a lot of butter-melted butter...yum.
* I finished packing my inside the house books today...mine not the girls. Only 10 medium size boxes.
* No house yet. Bummer.
* I'm drinking a tea that is supposed to help me lose weight, but I think it helps my body balance out and thus the weight will follow. I'll keep you posted.
* I haven't had a soda since last Saturday, so that may be why I have a headache.
* The tea is a green tea.
* I am also eating correctly like I had already started, but I have been cutting back on sugar too. It just doesn't sound good...much.
* Our big cat has learned to open the cabinets by himself, so my youngest got her chop stick hair things, and a hair tie, and made a baby lock for him. It works.
* I really want a Pepsi, but if I can resist for another 24 hours I think I will be alright.
* Okay, that's all I have to say.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Waa,Waa, Baby!

I have about five unfinished stories started in my 'puter. I suppose I should just take the time to look at them at least, but I don't.
Because of the stress of hubby's new job, and our house being sold (I love my house), and the stress of finding a new home for us, I woke up this morning with a Mono flair up. I haven't had one in over a dozen years, but I have one now. I was diagnosed with "chronic Mono" when I was in my late teens. I know, "whatever that is". Basically, I had a ton of blood work and the last thing on the last page was Mononucleosis. Positive. The doctor said it wasn't the common kind (because I'm special, I guess), but he had only read about it in the medical journals...never actually seen a case yet. I hope I made his day. Anyway, it doesn't go away. I think he said it just goes to sleep or something and can flair up. It used to bother me quite a bit for years, but than nothing until today. Just take Aleve and try not to whine. I went out to the porch and napped on the hot wood- like a giant heating pad. Worked, but now I have a pink face.
It's like having all of your large muscles in your back, and butt, and legs, and lower tummy be in one huge knot. But I'm feeling better now that the Aleve has had a few hours to take hold, and that I have been able to waa, waa to whoever is lucky enough to read this today. :D

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My youngest child has entered the world of pierced ears. She went to her Grandparent's house a few days ago, and came back with some cash, so she wanted to pay to get her ears pierced. So alright there you go. She was okay during the process, but looked a little shocked after. Kinda a blank face. I have to go now and watch her clean and turn the earrings...she wants me to make sure she does it right. :) I'm sure she will.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Poem, A silly One That Is

I think that I shall never find a gift that is ever more refined
That what I have now on my floor
They are not large, they are not small
But the uses I've seen outweigh all
The joy of seeing young and old
Feline and human, yes one and all
Step into, and turn around
Some lie down a nap to take
Others use as shoes
I prefer the "old school" way
I fill them full of books!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So hubby and I spent all day in the new town looking at houses and getting to know the roads. 7am - 5:30ish p.m. Yes, all day.
We found this really wonderful house that needed carpet and paint and some yard work, but all very affordable considering the asking price. Good neighborhood too.
It must have been bank owned, I don't remember, but anyway we found a lady (Juanita) and she showed us several homes including this one. We wanted it. It had this strange dip in the back in it...hmmm..."Is that a sink hole?" I asked laughing, because- really! Yup. Juanita called back while we were still in town..a sink hole!!! The realtor that was selling it had also just found out and was very upset about it too. It's now a worthless property. ACK!! At least we didn't own it and were the ones trying to sell. Sink holes are awful in this state, and once you have one on property no insurance will cover you and they can grow and swallow the home! Bummer.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let the Games Begin

And off we go! We have a buyer for our house, and now we just need to find a new house to move to. This is the fun part I guess...the un-fun part is the packing and such. We know the family that wants our house and they are good people. Just some paper stuff, and bank talk (for them), and there you go.
We don't need the help of a Real Estate Agent to sell, but we will when we buy. So if you sell homes please don't get mad at us, because this is just the way it fell into place. Could still use the prayers of our friends and family during this time (as always), and we do appreciate it very much.
Will keep you posted on my whirl wind life.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Some of us are big Star Trek fans in my family. The bad guys in the new Star Trek would come and turn you into a Borg. An organic/machine thingy. Really smart, but lived all connected to the whole. Couldn't make any individual choices. Sometimes when I look at the people around me I feel like the Borg have really made it to Earth. All of the teen-bops are all alike (but really they are unique-right!), and all the 20-somethings are alike, and so on. I say if you want to wear that dress that fell out of 1986, well, go on and wear it! If you feel the need to use baby blue eye shadow... go for it! Polyester jacket? Why not. Socks with sandals! Sure! Be who you are, and not who the world tells you to be. You will be happier AND you will save a lot of money on clothes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


"It isn't the heat it's the humidity", said my hubby yesterday as we drove past a bank sign that read 104 degrees! I said "but if it was 20 degrees cooler it wouldn't be so hot either" Either way you look at has been hot. But today it is much cooler, only 85. Still humid, but not as hot! :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Day

I was supposed to be a monkey.
But 40 years ago my parents came home with me instead, and Kay's life was never the same again. I was born with the power to make her yell, cry, laugh, get "snarky", and pout. I was also born with the un-canny ability to find buttons and push them.
I am an interesting combination of both of my parents. I physically resemble my Dad's side of the family...and sometimes he thinks I'm his sister when I call. So I say "Hi, it's Julie", just to save time, but it is fun to let him think I'm his sister. I don't know what side of the family I get my ornery from...probably both. My Mom's Dad was a teaser as are her nephews, and well everyone. My Dad's side tends to be silly and tease also. I have my linguistic skills from my Dad (a.k.a mimicking ability), as well as my hermit tendency. When I'm feeling outgoing it's like my Mom, for instance, I can talk to strangers at the store as if I know them. It kinda freaks me out a little when I do, because the Dad side says "just walk on, just walk on". I often found myself in the garage "tinkering around" with my Dad, but I also really liked being with my Mom "gathering weeds" in the hills. That might need some explaining, but you won't get it from me.
I have a few characteristics from both sides of my family, but tend to be more Dad side. Kay tends toward Mom's side. It's amazing how you can do things that Grandparents and cousins and Aunts and Uncles do with out actually being around them to learn the habit.
Anyway, I'm not a monkey, but I think in all we have all adjusted okay. Oddly enough I can do an awesome monkey call.

I'm Just Weighing it Down so it Won't Fall Over

Congrats to Momstheword. Feel the pleasure of being the one. Actually, I had my youngest pick a number and yours came up. Thanks for playing.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Job

My husband has a new job. It will involve a longer drive to work (37 miles), the old one was only down the street, and later a move to another town. Different schools once we do move, and a new job for me. His new job is good, the changes are maybe not so good.
It's the process of changing, not the actual change. The moving, not the new house, the job hunt, not the new place to work, the drama, not the new school.
For now we have to decide how we are all going to get to where we need to go. The oldest has yet to get his license, or a car (not a penny pincher like his Dad), so he can't do the school run. I have to go in to work at 7a.m., the kids school is at 8, and Hubby has a rotating schedule. I'm worried, but not stressed. It will work out somehow. How do I know this? I don't. I can only trust that God will work the details out for us. He gave us the new job, so He will have to fix the rest too.
On a good note, I have received a 20 cent raise at my "now" work, and Hubby's new job is A LOT better pay than his old one.
My Father in law was sick with a mystery illness that could have been really bad, but it is Diverticulitis. Not good, but not cancer either.
The caption for the picture with the cat sitting under the bird cage will be announced tomorrow. If anyone has any late suggestions just scroll down a few and see the picture. Kay said no one wanted to play because I wasn't giving any prizes away, I think that the great feeling of being the one chosen should be prize enough! Pride in being the cleaverest of the clever. So come on..

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Man's Work

My new header picture...Leave it to a man to un-sissy a job. :)
Note the ear protection for the sweeper.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts...
My blogger no longer lets me choose my font size...whats up with that?

I'm back! Internet is restored for now.

Girls come back tonight. They missed the connecting flight in Atlanta, and now will
be home late tonight.

It's HOT! Exactly like walking into an oven.

When I got on my computer tonight I had 42 e-mail waiting for me!!

I had to move where we feed the cats, because Jerry cat is afraid of the bed, and can't walk past it. I told you he has to RUN past it.

And the cat (Jerry) has become my best buddy. Has to sit on me whenever I sit down. ? Goofy cat.

My sister said I was weird in her comment from my book list. That's really cheeky when you consider we share a lot of DNA.

Well, I'm glad to be back and will try to catch up on all of your blogs, I probably won't leave comments on past postings, but will try to catch your current ones and say "Hey".
Also,the picture I have at the top of the post- I would like you to send me a possible caption for it. I will gather all of the suggestions and choose one from a hat next week- how about Wednesday.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thirteen Thursday

Thirteen Books that I have read more than once.
1. The whole left Behind Series, by Lahay and Jenkins.
2. The Odd Thomas trilogy (fourlogy?), by D.Koontz.
3. Prophet, Piercing the Darkness, This Present Darkness, by Peretti
4. The Dark Wind, by T. Hillerman
5. The first Eagle, Skeleton Man, Hunting Badger, and many more from the library, by T. Hillerman.
6. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, by J.R.R. Tolkien.
7. The Hobbit, by Tolkien.
8. Babylon Rising, by Lahay & G. Dinallo (actually all of this series too)
9. A Secret Refuge series, by Lauraine Snelling
10.Refiners Fire series, by Lynn Austin
11.Sitka, by Louis Lamour (a lot of his books more than once)
12.Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden.
13.Nightmares and Dreamscapes (short stories), by Stephen King.
This is just a sample of what I have and do read. I was looking at my book case and got the idea for this post. Of course I could go on, but who reading this couldn't do the same. We love bookworms!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You Are 32% Nerdy
You're a little nerdy, but no one would ever call you a nerd.
You sometimes get into nerdy things, but only after they've become a part of mainstream culture.

You Are 40% Yankee, 60% Dixie

You're a pretty even split of Yankee and Dixie. You've probably traveled around a lot in your life.

Are You a Yankee or Dixie?

You Are Ketchup

You are easy going and very measured in your approach to life.
Popular and well liked, you get along with everyone.
Seriously, everyone loves you!

Your taste tends to be pretty mainstream American.
You go for the classic favorites: burgers, fries, and apple pie.
You get along best with mustard and mayonnaise personalities.

What Condiment Are You?

Well, it's pretty close...I guess.

Monday, July 14, 2008

And God said...

Psalm 50:14-15

Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High: And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
Jonah 2:9
But I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord.
Jeremiah 33:3
Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some Concerns

I have a few concerns I would like to share with you for prayer.
First, we (husband and I ) have lost 2 very important certificates he had. We can call and get a replacement for the most important, but it's very frustrating trying to find something that's just gone I guess.
Second, our girls are getting ready to have their summer visit with their birth mom. They always look forward to visits when they get them (about 20 some days a year is all they see her) and summer is 2 weeks. We are not as worried as when they were younger, but still they will be flying with her to New York and doing all kinds of exciting things away from us. They go this Friday to stay in a hotel with her and fly out on Saturday a.m.
Third, our boy isn't going to visit his birth mom, he has decided he would rather go camping with his girlfriend and her mother and step dad (his mom said that was fine he needed to find himself-whatever). If we let him go, hubby still has to call the mom to see.
I seem to have some major prayer requests right now, but really no more than most people have everyday. I know God loves my children and will care for them better than I matter where they are, and I know God knows where those certificates are, and we will either find them or not. I am thankful that my family is healthy...some people are asking prayer for health, I am thankful I have a family...some women are waking up to find their husband gone or leaving. I am thankful that my kids have some relationship with their mom in NY, some children have no parents whatsoever, or have dueling parents. I am thankful that I have a beautiful home (a little messy at times, but that's my doing), and I'm thankful we only have one parrot. So much to be thankful for...I hope that this week all of us will take the chance to really look around at our lives and see all that God has done or provided for us, and by all of us I do mean me too...especially me.
Thank you for stopping by, and for those who care to know... I've lost a few pounds, but time is the test. Bye.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

After Midnight Adventure

I have a cat named Taffy. She is a tiny little thing and kinda sweet when she needs to be. Taffy- a.k.a. Boo, is a mighty hunter. She has brought sudden death to birds at my big feeder just by jumping up and grabbing them in her mouth. She has terrorized the local mouse population to the point that I'm pretty certain that we don't have any in the yard at all anymore. She has had to relocate her hunting expositions to the neighboring fields.
Yesterday evening she just wouldn't settle down, and after my hubby ate his late dinner (10:30 pm), and went back to patrol, I just couldn't stand her so I let her go out for the night. Now, I usually don't let her stay out at night because we have had coyotes out and about before. But I was gonna stay up late and read, so I figured on letting her back in before I hit the hay. I did.
I didn't see her very clearly as she came "running" into the house, but as she stopped in the kitchen (hard floor- thank God!) I noticed the gift she had just set down.
A little baby bunny. I didn't know this at first, because my lightning fast imagination (my mutant power you know) was running through all of the species of 5 inch long grey mammals that live in this state. After I landed on bunny (no tail, and longish ears) it was up scritching across my kitchen floor...oh, by the way, this scritching woke up the big cat...really fast! It runs...I run... I grab the little cat and hold her next to my body...I grab the huge cat by the skin on his back ( no animals were hurt in this grabbing), and yell for my oldest (boy) J! J! J! See, I knew my girls were totally useless in matters involving critters and scritching and critters. He came out pretty fast and even hung up the phone first (girlfriend) and I ran the situation by him and he sprang into action.
He creeps after runs...he runs! It went all through the living room and cornered itself in the bathroom. My brave son goes in and closes the door. So brave! So sweet. I ask if he has it and he says "I'm just waiting for it to calm down a little." So sweet. I let go of the really confused and slightly mad cats and J takes bunny-foo-foo outside to the wild.
Today...I'm moving a car, and Boo comes running real fast toward me with a 5 inch grey thing in her mouth...but it's okay this one was a rat! I said "Good girl! Good girl Boo!! Stay outside"

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Life...New Me...

Okay! This is the deal... I am going on the wonderful journey of a lifestyle change. By this, I mean, I am going to change the way I fuel my body. Years ago I went through a Church based weight reduction program and lost around 50 some pounds. Other things were happening at the time as well, but I still lost the poundage. Yippy me!!! I kept it off for a few years, but then I started community college, and than got married and whoopsie! Hello!!! almost all of the weight has decided to come home to to speak. I can't count calories, and I really don't feel like exercising at this weight, and I really don't like being hungry or deprived. So I'm going back to the basics of the program I went through. I found a version (free) in a magazine, it's called "intuitive-eating". Basically, you eat like a child...look at the food and eat the parts you like the when your hungry...stop when you feel full. Below is the basic steps to follow when you eat.

1. Are you really hungry?

(you picture your tummy like a fuel tank...don't eat on on one quarter. Not empty or you will be more likely to overeat.)

2. Do you spend at least 20 min. on every meal?

(supposed to take at least that long to feel full, and eat slow.)

3. Do you use all of your senses when you eat?

( enjoy what you are eating...if it tastes yukky don't eat it)

4. Do you multitask at meals?

( don't, it's too easy to eat mindlessly...just stuffing without thinking about it)

5. Do you listen to your body's natural "stop-eating" signals?

(just as important as the "am I hungry?" signal)

6. Do you use portion control on "bad" foods?

( this one is my interpretation...why eat a whole bag of m&m's...try just 5 or 8. A bowl of chips instead of out of the bag...etc)

So, there you are! I am now accountable to the whole wide world, or at least the 6 or so people that read this once in a while... my Mom and Sister at least. Is anyone else willing to take this pain free journey with me? I also plan on using Bible study/reading/memorization to fill the emotional void that the food will leave. I have done this before, like I said, but allowed myself to fall into the lies that I can eat as much as I want to whenever I want to. I can't do that. I am going to be accountable to you as well as to God for what I put into my body. I could use a buddy for this if anyone is interested. :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Something you didn't know about me

My mutant power is "Imagination".

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fire Works!

I love to go and see the fireworks! We go to the next town over, and sit in a big lawn ( SBU's front lawn). When the kids were little it was hard to keep them from becoming bored, but as they have grown older they are much better at entertaining...who ever is looking.
This year we went to a large Church fireworks show-they had music with it, and we went to the normal one we go to.
This year we also had our boy's girl friend along with us, and all four played "kick the soccer ball, and scare the parents that they might hit a stranger in the head" game. They didn't hit anyone in the head.
I love the fireworks! I could watch them every night...EVERY NIGHT! My fav. are the ones that crackle crackle crackle as they fall down. You sit back and when they shoot them high enough you can feel like they are right on top of you and I just love to watch them.
I think the best part about watching fireworks is that everyone is quiet. We just watch them. Yes, some comments are made, but for the most part we just watch them and enjoy the mystery and awe. I love fireworks.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Just to stand outside, and feel the warm breeze blow against my face... is enough.
Looking up into the night sky, and seeing the stars so clear... is enough.
Watching the grass(in the field behind my house) move in the warm breeze... is enough.
I don't want a lot...just enough.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Doubting Julie

I've been thinking about Thomas from the Bible. I do admit that I still have some more research to do, but this is what I'm thinking now.
We have always been taught the negative of him. How he doubted Christ's resurrection, and needed to see proof.
Well, he did doubt. But this is the thing I'm thinking...
His savior and friend and teacher has just been murdered by the Romans.
I have wondered what the "word on the street" was, did the followers of Christ, as I'm sure people knew who they were, did they get taunted, or persecuted???
Rumors, I'm sure, abounded especially with the "disappearance" of the body and all.
So, would I need to also have "proof"? Yes, I know I would. If I was alive then, I would have been doubting Julie.
Blessed are those who believe and not seen (my wording). I do believe what I have read and been taught about Christ and His resurrection. To me it's easy, but other things I need "proof" Why?
We let God save our souls and secure us eternally, but freak out that we might not be able to pay our bills. I have more study and thinking to do. What do you think?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Little Rain

Yup, just a little rain today and last night.
This is the drainage ditch that runs behind our yard.
We usually have 12/15 feet between the fence and the ditch.
Our house is dry, but the yard will squish for a week probably.
Good for for something...somewhere...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hair Today

I have long hair. I have been growing it from the time my Husband started Police Academy, and it's been about 2 or more years now.
So I finally go and get it trimmed ( I have once before while growing it out), and the nice lady tells me my hair is old.
My hair is old.
She said that I need to put leave on conditioner and baby my hair now that it's long, because the ends are old.
It kinda makes me feel grossed out to have "old" hair.
Oh well, it matches the rest of me.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


A friend of my Husband has had a heart attack last Sunday. He is the Officer that was the guest speaker for my husband's DARE graduation. Ernie was driving to the hospital to see his dad (who was getting some kind of de-fib something adjusted for is heart), when he said his back started to hurt and his right hand went tingle. He stopped at a gas station and bought some aspirin- just in case- and continued to go see his dad. He got to the hosp. and was talking to a doctor and told him about his drive when I guess he went down and they started working on him. The nurse that was doing compressions tired out and a big male nurse lifted her off and out of the way and jumped on Ernie and punched his chest...oh yeah, they had to because meanwhile they had already zapped him 4 times!!
Ernie said he remembers bits and going down the hall way on a gurney really fast, being thrown onto a table and strapped down with the people saying they had to hurry because he couldn't go into de-fib again because they couldn't zap him anymore. Actually, he had officially "died" and they re-started him.
His eyes are all blood shot from the zaps and blood thinner-solid red instead of the white.
Ernie is about 52, runs 3miles a day and is on the swat team. Used to be a professional body builder when younger. He said he wondered why he never felt rested. Hmm!
The people put a shunt in his 100% blocked, and 2 weeks from now they will repair his 85% blocked.He said he feels sooooo much better.
He is fortunate to be alive.
Much to be thankful for, huh.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


How smart do you think we would be if we used more than 8% of our brain?
Why do you think we use such a little amount?
Why is it that some people use even less than 8%?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Childhood Flashback

I have hazy memory of a day when my sister and I were walking down the dirt street behind our house in Beulah. I wasn't in school yet, so I must have been around 4 or 5 Kay is 2 years older than I am.
I remember having fallen...seeing my white knee high socks knees all red too.
I remember Kay trying to carry me home. She had her arm under my back and one hand under one leg. I also remember having her let me walk, as opposed to being dragged. She was the hero. I remember my Mom picking rocks out of my knees with tweezers. I was very brave. I enjoyed the pity. It was a terrible injury, and I had chicken skin on my knees until about 15 years ago from it. I also remember being more upset about seeing the blood and my white socks getting red.

Monday, June 16, 2008


My sister in law has a cat and dog...
Enough said.