Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not much to say today.

I don't have anything very important to say to you all today. My job is going alright I suppose, and Hubbies is going fine also.
It's cold these days, and we don't think the pellet stove is going to keep us very warm this winter. I hope it does, but I don't think it will.
I'm reading a book of short stories by Stephen King "Everything's Eventual" It's actually very good so far. Not all of them are scary stories. The ones that are a little too much (a short story about the guy in the Dark Tower series- that I don't like) I just skip over. I really enjoy reading short stories. S.K. said in his introduction, that short stories are dying out, and that he writes so many each year just to keep it up. Apparently it's not as easy to write a short story as one would think. And everyone wants books. Not as many magazines left that publish short stories, etc.
So I buy books of short stories, great American short stories, short stories of all kinds, just to keep it alive. I do my part. :)
I'm feeling poetic this time of year. I think I will churn out a few poems here in the next few days. I will share if they are any good. I know I should write even when I don't feel like it, but I enjoy it more when I'm "in the mood" to write.
My friend from P.H. might read this, and if so "Hi Friend" You know who I'm talking to!! :)
I might get to switch computers with my husband, before he kills his. It just doesn't like him, or the other way around. Go figure that he wouldn't have any patients for computers. He has to think about it. Our friend he used to work with will help us switch out.
Okay, you all have a good weekend, and week. Stay warm and I hope it doesn't snow on you. I really hope that if it has to snow somewhere, it's on you and not me!!! I mean that with love. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pictures from the Visit.

The bounty of my Mom's garden.

This is a picture of my husband cutting tile in the back yard. He made a face mask by using clothes pins to hold a sock around his mouth and nose.

So, my Mom and I are in the kitchen and she looks up and sees this cat head looking at her. Just Boo kitty.

A picture of our finished hearth with the pellet stove. And Jerry cat.

Just a picture of the stuff we put on our ledge in the living room. The red Fisher Price toy clock is mine.

This is the desk my parents brought me. It used to be my Grandmother's desk, and now it's mine. Kay, I shall put my name on it.
In all, the visit was very nice. We are still getting the kitchen floor tiled, and now the hall way is also torn up in getting ready. We work around my husbands days off.
I guess someone who knows my in-laws have given us a brand new (almost) double reclining sofa. My husband is going to have to go to Branson early this week to pick it up. My in-laws are also moving to another home- larger I think, but in the same region. My mother in law likes to move. I don't think I do.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let the Fun Begin !

They are here!!! We are right now at the library and I'm using my husbands lap top and mom is using mine. Don't ever get her a lap top ! Ever! I think she would throw it at you, but first she would thank you, and than throw it at you.
We have gone out to eat, had sandwiches at the house, broke one pair of flip flops, started the tile work on the kitchen floor, napped on the couch a little, got lost in Springfield, went into some junk stores, and bought a diet Pepsi instead of a real one by mistake. This is the first full day. You have to remember that these things have been done by any of 7 people. For instance, I did the bad on the Pepsi. My eldest daughter broke the flip flop. My dad did the tile work. Ha, ha, ha, ha,ha. Not really. He did the nap work on the couch.
My parents need to get a cell phone. Visit momstheword blog to get the why on that.
The visit is going great. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My folks are gonna brave the wide beauty of Kansas this week just to come and see me!!
Ok! See the kids.
And my husband.
But they have to see me if they want to see them!! Ha!
Anyhow, we will have the same plans that we always have.
1. Eat at the home-probably cold cuts and chips.
2. Eat a BBQ meal at home, burgers, brats, b.beans, p.salad, etc.
3. Go out somewhere to eat. This gets more expensive each year, but we only go out a couple times each visit.
4. Sit and look at each other while someone (no names mentioned because I don't want anyone to make fun of my dad) sleeps on the couch.
5. Sit and talk about what we can do.
6. Get begged to go to walmart by at least one child.
7. Maybe go to the dollar store.
8. And finally, remember all the cool things I wanted to do only when they are halfway home.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

meme meme meme meme

I done been tagged to do this four meme thing, so here I go.

Four Places I regularly go over and over.

Wal- mart, Price Cutter, work, Son's work (until he gets his wings)

Four Places I would rather be right now.

Colorado, New Mexico, out side, in bed asleep

Four of my Favorite places to eat.

Taco Bell, Mexican place in Springfield, Chinese food, Sonic

Four People I'm tagging right now.

I think anyone who wants to do this should. Just let me know so I can go see.

Four T.V. shows I watch.

Sara Conner's Chronicles, CSI NY, & Miami, Criminal Minds, Numbers.

Four people who e-mail me

sister in law, Robin, My Mom, My Aunt I.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Here are some random pictures from my life. A few cats, birds, mess, husband, house. P. is trying to finish the hearth for our new wood pellet burning stove. At home today he is almost finished. He will grout it tomorrow. I will have a picture of the finished product.

Jerry cat-wanting to go outside


back of house

privacy fence with missing section

Mother in law room (ha, ha!)

husband squinting because he hates his new bi-focal glasses & can't see very well with them

Boo kitty looking at husband through hole

view from stairs of the mess
Boo kitty-still supervising
hey Kay, rub his belly!

Boo kitty. She will jump off this onto the sofa

Boo in the poop pan.
And thank you for your prayers. I have noticed a change in attitude for me and the boy.