Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm still standing

Here I am! Its almost my second favorite holiday. I love Thanksgiving! I get to make the turkey and taters and stuffing and gravy and also the deviled eggs. Others bring the other stuff. Sweet rolls, bread rolls, pickles and olives, pies, and whatever else they want to bring. We always have way too much food, but it's great anyway. It's a lot of giddy-up for not much. After we eat we don't really do anything else. I would love to play games or go to a movie, or even as a last resort go for a walk. But we just sit and chat and than those who have to go...go. Kinda sad in a way, but if it lasted all day I would probably have to kick people out. I don't do black Friday. I have once and it was enough. It seems like a large waste of time, but some people just love it. I enjoy being out of work and getting to sleep in a little. The only problem with Thanksgiving is that I live in a house of leftover refusers. I know they should just eat it anyway, but my tolerance for whine is very low so I don't force it. Have a great Thanksgiving to anyone who may be reading this. And the next is my favorite holiday....Christmas!!!!!!