Tuesday, April 29, 2008

update and DARE

I will have a picture of the "new" car tomorrow, I hope.

Last night my husband celebrated a wonderful event. His first group of 5th graders had their Graduation from the DARE class he teaches at the Middle School. It's a 9 week class and it teaches kids about the dangers/how to not do/why they shouldn't do drugs. He had our Chief and another Officer as special speakers for the evening. Officer H. is in his 50's and I think he is really nice and cool. He was hubby's PT trainer in Academy. He made him run, and fight and all of that awful stuff. Officer H. is also a sniper, he just finished the training and didn't get any breaks for his age. Tough dude. Real sweet, and likes me and my man.
Our Chief is also an older gent. and has quite a bit of experience. Both men think highly of my hub., and that means a lot to both of us. It was a good show for the Graduation, and we were pleased that the parents took the time to celebrate the accomplishment of their kids. Some won an essay contest, and got a savings bond. Everyone got a pin, and diploma. A lot of cake and donuts, and soda were donated, and I believe all had a great time. One kid wrote that Alcohol is a meat tenderizer, and should only be used for that. Good stuff.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Car

Last Sunday I had an adventure.
My sweet husband has been looking for an automobile for our family to drive instead of the old beat up 16 year old pick up truck we have. He has an old 64 Ford Montclair that is half way fixed up to "Fine", and the old truck. The Montclair is special so it's not like I can just drive it to Wal- Mart any time I want to. Someone might ding it with a cart or car or something. The truck is a piece of junk that we use to haul wood and kids in, but it's seen better days.
After many nights of searching the Internet for what he wanted..either a Crown Vic., or an older car that is easier to maintain and has easy to get parts..(he used to be a grease monkey ya know) he found a sweet car and we went to look at it and we bought it. Okay, this is the adventure part. It was in Decator Illinois. We live in MO. We rented a car to drive up-keeping in mind that if we didn't like it we would just turn around and go back home. We were able to leave the girls at a friends house as slave labour, and the boy had date plans so we just left him to his own devices. We left at 6a.m.(maybe earlier-I don't remember), and had a nice drive. Got to Decator, saw the car, and drove the car, and bought the car. It is just really cool. And no! They don't have cars any closer than that-people who know who you are. It made it all the way home- Hub in the new car and I in the rental. All in all about a 600 something mile trip. Got home about 8p.m.- ish and I didn't feel like I wasn't driving for another hour. I won't tell you what we got....I will post a photo as soon as the rain is gone and I can take one. If you know what it is-DON'T TELL!!! I want to post a picture. It's Robin Egg Blue...that's all you get for now. TTFN

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Believe You!

I am gullible. It's not my fault if someone tells me a lie and I believe them! I have always been this way. I am not so much now, but much more so when I was younger. It didn't take much to make me doubt my own understanding of the ways of the universe.
One fine example... When I was a teenager-old enough to know better...I had the habit of turning the hood ornament crooked whenever I walked by the car. My Dad one day told me I really shouldn't do that because it would cause the car to not start. (probably to save the ornament) I said "yeah,right" But I turned it right on the sly as I walked away. I had to think about if the car had any wires that ran under the hood, it didn't, and I even had to look at it later that day just to make sure. Gullible. I used to feel bad that I easily believed people when the told me things. When younger I asked an older teenager what that thing on top of the Taco Bell sign was, and she told me it was a giant bean. It was a man sitting like he was resting, with a sombrero covering his head and face. They look different now. I believed her. I was once told that in the dictionary by the word gullible their was a picture of me. I didn't believe THAT one. So if anyone ever teases or makes you feel stupid because you believe what they say...just remember that they are the ones who are telling lies to you.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Waterfall Adventure

I was in High School and I think Kay was in College. Mom took us out to Red Canon National Park just outside the town we grew up in. It is a really beautiful place...red sand stone rocks, cacti, scrub oak, snakes, lizards, red ants, and what a view! It was sometime of the year, maybe Christmas break, or spring break, because there was snow patches and it was cool/cold. But the sun was out and it was beautiful outside that day.
Kay and I went for a little walk while mom stayed in the car to take a nap in the sun warmed car.
We were having a very good walk and decided to do a little climbing. Not anything that needed ropes or anything, just hiking. We followed a path and walked by this really neat waterfall. It was a frozen pool at the bottom, and had frozen water hanging over the top part. We admired it and walked on up. At the top we came upon a little slide down area that was a rock formation. We wondered where it went and were cautious because it had ice down the center from top to bottom. I said,"I will go down and see where it goes, you stay here." The "you stay here" was because I might need help getting back out. I slide down the "slide" on my bottom and walk very carefully across a tiny frozen pool of water. ( half way frozen that is) I'm looking over the edge and guess what I see... the bottom of the waterfall! I was at the frozen top. I'm thinking- wow! This is neat. Than over the shoulder I hear- and I mean RIGHT over my shoulder- I hear "Wow! There's that waterfall" I turned and looked at her and said " what are you doing down here?" she said she wanted to see too.
So we tried to get up the slope for about 2 days or so, and we just couldn't do it. We were in a type of cave with an open top. The top had a dead tree across it and we talked about how we could get out. We dropped rocks down to the bottom of the waterfall to see how far and deep it was...it was and was. We thought about using that tree that was across the top somehow. No way on that. We didn't want to yell...because we thought they would have to send the search and rescue to get us and pull us out. That was worse than being stuck! Because the rescuers might be cute guys. So we thought in enough time Mom would come looking for us. She didn't. She was snoozing in a sun-filled car while we were a little cool on the top of a frozen waterfall. It was probably about 30-45 min. but it seemed longer to us...finally out of sheer desperation...we managed to scoot up the slide with our feet on one side above the ice, and our hands and bottoms on the other side of the slide above the ice.
Meanwhile, back at the car... Mom is stirring and thinking.."where are my wonderful, innocent, charming, sweet Daughters?" As she is pondering this...a man comes walking out of the very same canon we had gone down when we went on our walk. This got her thinking dark thoughts, but she asked the dude if her had seen us, or heard us yelling and he said no. I guess that was good enough for her. But just as she was getting seriously concerned we came strolling out of the canon with sore behinds and scraped up hands. We started the adventure getting along really great...bonded in the pit, and survived to tell the tale. Not bad for one day. I always though Kay was the goober in the waterfall, but in after thought...well, maybe it was me. I should have let her check out the slide. :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Goat

I shall tell you all about the goat.

When I was in my younger years maybe 10 or so...my Mom used to often traumatize me in the disguise of doing normal things, not really on purpose, but off and on during my childhood. I now traumatize my own children in return...the circle of life. Anyway, we were on our way home from church-I think- and I was in a nice summery dress and pantyhose and sandals. Funny how I remember what I was wearing, but not all of the exact details. Hmmm, it must be a result of all of my trauma. Okay, we stop by my Aunt's house -I think- and there is this goat, a nanny, that has wandered a few streets over to her house(Aunt's house). We stop and my Mom is always so kind and thoughtful-that was NOT sarcastic by the way- that she decided that the poor critter needed to be returned home. See, this is where the trauma starts. We were in a CAR! Yes, that's right, a car-as in not a truck-as in where does one put a GOAT in a car. Which leads to another very good question-I'm glad you asked- HOW does one KEEP a goat in a car....I know the answers to all of those very good questions. First, you have a young tender pre-teen girl dressed in her Sunday best. Second, you must know what field the goat came from. Third, you must have some power over this sweet girl to convince her that it is the best thing for her to sit in the back seat with a BIG-STINKY-FRIGHTENED goat, and hold it still. Than you just drive over a few streets, find the house it belongs to, and go to the door...wait about five billion years for someone to come to the door...and than just return the goat. That's it! That is the story of the goat...I lived and that's all that matters in the end I guess. Next I will tell you about the waterfall and who the goober was.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Here Goes!

I am at a loss. I really don't know what to write about today. I could tell you all the "drama" that happens at my work, or I could share the adventures at home. I could share some family secret that has been kept quiet for years and years ( I would have to make that one up)...I could tell about the time we went to Disney land (sisterly joke), or about our pony and her attitude. My closing the hen house up while being chased by horrible monsters... Putting a metal roof on my hubby's old business-you know helping him roof is a frightening adventure and one I wish never to repeat. Pushing our way out of a snow filled driveway...manhandling a goat in the back of a Pontiac...seeing a monster in the back of the pickup truck I was driving only to find that it had pushed the lawn mower out of the bed too...talking to a manikin in the mall and than seeing the male sales clerk smiling at me... having been caught with some sort of cream on my nose by strangers more than once...seeing ghosts in a bone yard at night...getting stuck in a waterfall with a goober...So I will take a page out of Kay's book, and say that I will write about whatever ones you choose. If anyone cares to tell me that is. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Julie the Vampire

When my sister was in high school (I think) she read "Dracula". We lived in a spooky house...spooky because it had creaks and the doors would shut by themselves (wind and air probably). Her bedroom was at the end of the hall, and I've already told you how spooked we were by the creepy hallway, and my bedroom was off the center of the hall. She either woke up and noticed, or was reading and noticed, but she had two red marks on the side of her neck (zits). The house was quiet (meaning I was quiet) and she came to check on me. I was sleeping on the top of my bed with my hands folded on my chest or something strange. This is what happened, and you can fill in the thought process my sister had. "Julie?" really soft like. nothing..."Julie?" a little louder...nothing...creeping a little into the room now..."Julie?" louder and closer. Nothing, "Julie?!" kinda loud...I slowly open my eyes...my red blood shot eyes (I was sick)...she says "Julie?" quiet again..."What?!" I croak. "Oh, just seeing if you were okay" turns around with a nervous giggle and leaves a confused, grumpy, sick sister alone to wonder why her sister is so strange.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I have survived Prom! My son's Prom that is.
I haven't been to the mall so much in the past two years, and I only went 3 times! So I have made a list of things that I need to do on a regular basis.
1. Go to the mall more often and buy something small for myself...maybe something on clearance.
2. Go out to eat with a grown up before the month is over.
3. Stay up past 11p.m., and by that I mean OUT like not in the house.
4. Go to a new movie, but we hate to spend money on new ones when we can see $2 ones...so...
5. Go to a $2 movie.
6. Buy a new fingernail polish and paint my toes. ( I have to have naked fingers because I work in a kitchen)
7.Only have my hair in a pony tail when at work...down and fixed everywhere else....yeah right!
8. Wear makeup more than once a week.
9. Make sure the house is in company condition at all times...sure!
10. Really, I should really work on number 9.
Okay, that's my list. I like to write lists, but than I feel like I've finished. I need to work on finishing my lists...that can be #11.

Friday, April 11, 2008

How things Change...

When I was around 19/20 I moved to California with a friend to share an apartment with her, so she could be closer to her boyfriend (he was in school). I did fine. I paid my bills, and had a nice job to boot. I was very capable, and I knew it.
My oldest child is 17. Next year he will be a senior. I don't think he is old enough to go anywhere, yet I was only 19 when I moved far away from home. I know what my mom is gonna say, something like I felt the same way you do blah, blah, blah... But it's different! :)
So this is how things change. When I was young my mind worked faster, or maybe I was more capable, but now I see all of the "things" that have to be done, or can happen. So I guess I've become a full fledged mom. My boy will be alright, and if he's not he will learn valuable life lessons. But more than likely he will be fine. Anyway, I still have at least one more year! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Story Time

Don't have time to read a book? Push play, and sit back and listen to one of my favorite story songs of all time. Enjoy. Oh, and the TT list is also for today. J

Thursday Thirteen

This is my first Thursday Thirteen. Here are thirteen things that I really enjoy.

1. Sitting in a sun warmed car on a cold, or drowsy day.

2. Reading a thrilling book without being interrupted by anything.

3. Sleeping until I wake up on my own.

4. Looking at my just cleaned spotless house-I don't do this much :)

5. Cooking something I'm good at cooking and that my family eats.

6. Going outside in the summer and star gazing.

7. Going outside in any season and star gazing- unless it's cold.

8. Being warm when it's cold.

9. Being cool when it's hot, muggy, yukky,humid.

10. Watching cartoons,( not stupid Japanese ones), real cartoons.

11. Writing a poem.

12. Petting a cat...one that enjoys being touched.

13. A real good laugh. The sillier the better.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

meme in pictures

Match them up if you can..

1. Favorite food.

2. First job.

3. Nickname.

4. Favorite smell.

5. Favorite drink.

6. Favorite animal.

7. Grandmas name.

8. Favorite book.

9. Favorite color.

10. Last name.

11. First job.

12. How old will I be next birthday?

13. Where I would like to travel...

14. Favorite place.

15. Favorite objects.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


My spring-ish backyard...please note the clothes line in the background. I hate it. The bench area is going to get cleaned up and half of that area (it used to be a pond -nice) will go back to yard. I have sunflowers that come back every year in that area, I am trying to plant them behind the fence, because hubby hates them. Too bad, huh. :) He is the weed whacker king, so I move as many as I can, but he weed whacks behind the fence too! I also have lavender that grows under the windmill, and cat nip that grows in that area-much to my (and neighborhood)cat's delight. Oh, and Lilly's that are late bloomers and Iris' that are late also.

This is one of our 4 Bradford Pear trees. They are very beautiful when in bloom, but otherwise just green trees. We also have a few crab apple trees that will soon be red and white blooms. Our grass is yukky, because we don't water (it's expensive city water), and it never took to the seed we put on it, and is field grass. See the above picture and note the field behind the fence. But as long as one of the guys keeps it mowed short it's good for me. We will put our Elephant Ears out front, and I also have two containers on front of the garage with more lavender plants. The mailbox has rosemary, and whatever I plant growing around it - not now, but soon. So, I hope you enjoyed the tour of my yard, sorry I don't have more pictured. It's spring for sure,because my allergies and sinus' are all whacked out, and the forecast is rain-all week. Yuk.

Friday, April 4, 2008

What was that? What was that?

I have been thinking today about what to write on...so here it is.

I have some interesting characteristics,( or quirks) and I think I will share some of them (just so you can know me all the better) with you now.
When I was little I would look at the Preacher and blink my eyes really, really fast, and he would look like an old fashioned reel film in black and white ( I did this quite a bit). Only now do I think about what he must have seen. hee,hee.
I used to count the letters on the communion table-over and over.. yeah, I didn't pay much attention in church. I also counted ceiling tiles and the lights.
I would often talk all day with a Mexican accent- even in the stores. Note: My mom warned me that I might offend, but I was dark and I also was truly talented and no one knew it was just for fun- also I never did it out of disrespect(I had many sounds I kept sharp).
I played my hand like a bugle and would play "Taps" in my aunts field as loud as I could. Yes, it sounded real.
I could sing like Freddy Fender- now my voice cracks.
I could raise the dead with my "special rattle snake only" scream. Fun.
I always thought I could run around the house without getting caught in the sticker patch in the back- I couldn't- but I always thought I could.
I can cross my eyes independently from each other and move them one at a time-one straight and one crossed, than switch them.
I can make a big Opera voice (good one), but not sing a normal voice. Go figure.
I can whinny like a real horse- made one answer me once too!
I could climb the hall way like spider man when I was little- one hand and foot on one side and the other on the other.
I could probably think of more, but that might be more than enough for now. : )

Thursday, April 3, 2008


This is my Thursday list of the thoughts that have floated into and out of my mind today...

1. I wish it was Friday.

2. I'm sooooo tired!

3. I need a maid.

4. Maybe we won't have school tomorrow.

5. Yeah! Hubby got me a soda (sorry sis-my bad)

6. How can this house get so dusty? We don't have any dirt in here?!

7. Raining again...no walking today...aw, hee,hee.

8. People are very silly... I won't name names, but I work with some.. Okay, here is a little story ( it's funny big time) This lady I work with is a self proclaimed non humorist, she was saying that she doesn't hide the goodies from her kids at home. She just keeps it all in Tupperware-because she has mice and cows. I about died with laughter- "why ",I asked, "is it because the cows don't have thumbs and can't open the Tupperware?"I laughed so hard that she had to laugh also. but she thought we thought she meant cats and mice. I said, "no, cows and mice is what I thought you said", It's still funny! I imagined a far side cartoon with cows in a kitchen trying to open the Tupperware saying something like "drat these hooves!"

9. I thought a lot about cows and thumbs today.

10. I made "corn flake cookies" at school today at work and they turned out great, the kids kept stealing them or buying extra- all good.

11. I like my little kitty picture at the top. I like "blarg", and I plan to use it in a sentence tonight or tomorrow at work.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Part 3 - Strongholds

What is a stronghold?

When a person gets saved, or born again, or reborn, all of that persons sins are forgiven because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ the sinless Son of God, Romans 10:13, I John 1:9. God now has your heart as His dwelling place-hence the songs about Jesus in my heart. Satan, or the devil, no longer has free reign in your heart (spirit, soul, the place that is you), and he does not like that at all. We sin still, because we are not perfect and have an old sin nature that hangs on us like a rotting corpse. We sometimes ( or all the time) feel that this sin nature is still alive, but it is dead. It died when we became saved, Romans 6:9-11. So why do we sin when we don't have too? I'm not sure, but that is where strongholds come into the picture. A stronghold (this was the description I was told, and it best describes a stronghold) is like an old fashioned fort from the old west times. It is a fortified place. A stronghold can be any sin ( or can start from someone's sin that has a direct effect on our life), something that has been allowed to stay in our lives ...anything that is not of God. Imagine the fort and see spy's going out in all directions to blend into the area outside of the fort. These are demons disguised as our fear, our lust, our pride, our whatever. We don't stop them because they are "ours"... follow? So the stronghold is there in our hearts in the middle of Gods territory, and it's fortified and sending spy's out into the rest of our heart to take more territory, and before we know it we are overcome with debilitating sin. Our heart is still saved, but we are oppressed by sin and we don't even know that is what it is. Now God forgives our sins when we pray for Him too, but this is a deep rooted sin. Have you ever wondered why you just can't seem to stop doing...gossip?, overeating?, anger at someone?, a sin you return to time and again, or maybe something you think is just part of your personality. That is a fortified sin ( a stronghold), and yes God can remove it, but we have to have God do it for us. I was told by Pastor White that we as Christians are NEVER EVER to directly engage the "enemy" (Satan) in spiritual warfare. Ever! That is God's job. God is the only one who can do this and He wants to set us free from the sin that so easily entangles us. It is in fact a little like an exorcism, but as Christians we can't become possessed, but we can become oppressed. Spiritual warfare is real, sorry, but it is, Ephesians 6:12.

I was asked to repeat a prayer (out loud) after Pastor White,

Dear God, Please show me, by your Truth and Light (Jesus is the Truth and the Light of the Word) the areas in my heart that don't belong to You. Please show me what they are so I can ask You to help me and forgive me, I pray in Jesus name amen.

That might not be the exact words, but it is important to pray in Jesus' name and call on God's Truth and Light ( His power), you can also ask God to show you what to do or help you understand.

Next I was to sit with my eyes closed and listen for God to speak. Remember Jer. 33:3?

I know it sounds hookie, but I heard Him. Not a voice, but kinda a sight/word/voice thing all at once. I heard Him. He spoke to me and told me things I needed to hear. fear, love, anger,pride, and other things that were in my life that needed removed or as in the case of love-lacking. Pastor White says everyone has a moment of breakdown during this process ( yes, you do it until God says your done), a moment when you touch the heart of the whole matter. Mine was that God loved ME. Unconditional, perfect, holy, because He is God even though I am nothing, He loves me because He can...love. Jeremiah 31:3-4 I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness. I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt.

That was the verse he told me (White). How do you keep strongholds from coming back? You tell God (and do it) that you will build a "Monument of Praise" to Him to put in the place of the stronghold. You have to put something there so it can't come back to its place. Fill it with memorized Bible verses. Satan will not go without a fight, he will attack you and try to get back in, that is when you quote those (relevant) verses...say them out loud and than pray and say something like, God, Satan is tempting me to be fearful, please rebuke him in Jesus name. (notice I don't rebuke Satan, I ask God to do it). I know this is long and that you might (or might not) want some more info. so if you do you can e-mail me, or leave a comment. I will do the best I can to find the answer. You wonder why I am sharing all of this? God told me too. In my counseling, God told me to "share". This is not for my glory so please don't praise me in any way, it needs to bring praise to God alone. Thank you.