Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Little Rain

Yup, just a little rain today and last night.
This is the drainage ditch that runs behind our yard.
We usually have 12/15 feet between the fence and the ditch.
Our house is dry, but the yard will squish for a week probably.
Good for for something...somewhere...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hair Today

I have long hair. I have been growing it from the time my Husband started Police Academy, and it's been about 2 or more years now.
So I finally go and get it trimmed ( I have once before while growing it out), and the nice lady tells me my hair is old.
My hair is old.
She said that I need to put leave on conditioner and baby my hair now that it's long, because the ends are old.
It kinda makes me feel grossed out to have "old" hair.
Oh well, it matches the rest of me.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


A friend of my Husband has had a heart attack last Sunday. He is the Officer that was the guest speaker for my husband's DARE graduation. Ernie was driving to the hospital to see his dad (who was getting some kind of de-fib something adjusted for is heart), when he said his back started to hurt and his right hand went tingle. He stopped at a gas station and bought some aspirin- just in case- and continued to go see his dad. He got to the hosp. and was talking to a doctor and told him about his drive when I guess he went down and they started working on him. The nurse that was doing compressions tired out and a big male nurse lifted her off and out of the way and jumped on Ernie and punched his chest...oh yeah, they had to because meanwhile they had already zapped him 4 times!!
Ernie said he remembers bits and going down the hall way on a gurney really fast, being thrown onto a table and strapped down with the people saying they had to hurry because he couldn't go into de-fib again because they couldn't zap him anymore. Actually, he had officially "died" and they re-started him.
His eyes are all blood shot from the zaps and blood thinner-solid red instead of the white.
Ernie is about 52, runs 3miles a day and is on the swat team. Used to be a professional body builder when younger. He said he wondered why he never felt rested. Hmm!
The people put a shunt in his 100% blocked, and 2 weeks from now they will repair his 85% blocked.He said he feels sooooo much better.
He is fortunate to be alive.
Much to be thankful for, huh.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


How smart do you think we would be if we used more than 8% of our brain?
Why do you think we use such a little amount?
Why is it that some people use even less than 8%?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Childhood Flashback

I have hazy memory of a day when my sister and I were walking down the dirt street behind our house in Beulah. I wasn't in school yet, so I must have been around 4 or 5 Kay is 2 years older than I am.
I remember having fallen...seeing my white knee high socks knees all red too.
I remember Kay trying to carry me home. She had her arm under my back and one hand under one leg. I also remember having her let me walk, as opposed to being dragged. She was the hero. I remember my Mom picking rocks out of my knees with tweezers. I was very brave. I enjoyed the pity. It was a terrible injury, and I had chicken skin on my knees until about 15 years ago from it. I also remember being more upset about seeing the blood and my white socks getting red.

Monday, June 16, 2008


My sister in law has a cat and dog...
Enough said.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Horrible Beauty Accident

We have had a horrible beauty accident at our house. Horrible!
My oldest daughter (14) called me urgently into the bathroom yesterday...
She had a box of those waxing strips...
It said place on where you want to remove the hair...
Well, she followed the instructions...
Remember she is 14...
Now she has no left eyebrow....
Cried, and cried, and cried, and cried, and cried...
I bought some eyebrow pencils...
Good to go.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am a copy cat! I know this, so I don't care. I am going to copy Spinster's Thursday 13.
Thirteen things that make me laugh.
1. My youngest daughter-usually when she isn't trying.
2. My Jerry cat. He is very round.
3. My "little blue" car.
4. My oldest girl trying to be cool in the "little blue" car. ( she thinks it's a stinky car)
5. Neighbors cocker spaniel- not so smart...but she sure is purty.
6.Our 17 yr much to learn...poor baby.
8. The fact that after 5 years of living in this house my kids still get the garbage disposal switch, and the light switch mixed up.
9. Kay.
10. Dad.
11. Mom
12. The movie "Two weeks Notice"
13. Jerry cat..again..see he has to run fast past the end of the bed, and it looks like someone has tossed him into the room. It's just funny. He does that into all the rooms.
Also, I laugh at people who look silly, and at movies, and books. I don't laugh "at" people...I laugh at what they are doing, or not doing. I think I'm pretty happy for the most part. Easy to entertain. I also like to laugh about penguins.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Great Movie!

My husband and I watched a great movie today. "The World's Fastest Indian"
This movie is rated pg 13 for brief language (some old fashion words), drug use ( heart med. and Indian cure for prostate problem), and sexual reference ( nothing very bad at all ).
This movie is a feel good movie. You think "oh no", and than you want to cry and than you laugh, and by the end you will cheer. It is such an enjoyable movie that my hubby said he wouldn't mind owning it. And that's saying a lot!
So go rent it and let me know how you did, or didn't enjoy it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I have this plant.

I don't remember the name. It is from my Mother in-laws plant that is around 50+ years old. It was her Daddy's plant.

They don't bloom very willingly or often. Last year I got one bloom. They start off looking like waxy stars.

And than they open up to pretty waxy flowers that are a little drippy with something sticky.

This year I have 4 bloom clusters!!!

I would have had 5, but one fell off because we didn't have any heat going and it got cold in the house.

The plant really likes where it is living right now I guess. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Arizona Part 2

After we were taken to the truck stop we called a tow truck, and left a gospel track, and $20 into the strange mans truck. The tow truck was the one that passed us earlier on the road and didn't stop. This guy was old and groovy. He had chains around his neck...we could see them because his coveralls were un-hitched down to his belly button (almost). This guy was something that was for sure. He pulled in and asked who had called for the "wrecker"? Strange man drove away having done his good deed, and stranger man took over. Because Kay had to ride in the middle with the strange man I was voted (by one vote) to ride in the middle next to the very strange man. He gave us a lecture on highway protocol, about how we should have had our hood up( apparently a universal sign of needing help), and had his eyes glaze over when he asked about us..sister just out of (or almost) Bible collage and myself about to marry an MK. He also asked us if we had ever ridden in a "wrecker" we had to say no.
He drove to our car, and towed it to his shop, and than loaded us into his car to take us to a hotel.
His car was almost a low rider, and he had a sign on it that said" Blue velvet" or something weird like that. It was decked out in blue velvet and he had the blues playing in his 8 track. Deposited us at the "lovely hotel" and said he would pick us up in the morning, and that the car should be almost finished soon. He picked us up and drove us to his shop...fixed the car and charged us a ton of money for the repaired and also the "good deed" of driving us to and from the hotel. After leaving the shop and driving a few miles we stoped to get gas and the gas man checked our tires air pressure, and the tire the mechanic had removed to make the repair was about 20 pounds low on air. The gas man filled it up and sent us on our way. Another thing I remember about that trip was going through the McDonald's drive through and getting nasty fries. We didn't turn back to get the fries fixed.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


When My sister and I were in our early 20's ...I lived in California. She flew out and we did the road trip thingy back home to Colorado. I had a little blue Ford Lynx, and it had no air conditioning. Not having air conditioning is not much fun in that part of the country by the way.
Somewhere past Kingsman the car went ca put! We were at the side of the road (pre cell phone days), and didn't really know what to do. We waited and watched a tow truck drive by, but it didn't stop. Finally- after much frantic praying a truck thingy stoped. This very scraggy dude insisted on checking out our car. Insisted! Well, meanwhile back in the car, I managed to find a metal fingernail file for protection, you know, to fight off the roadside killer. We had also been talking about America's Most Wanted, and how we were a good episode waiting to happen, that was before this guy came by. "And the last time they were seen was five miles east of Kingsman Arizona" da, da, daaaaa!

Anyway, this guy insisted on waiting with us by the highway, because it was not safe for us to be out by ourselves. Funny, because we were thinking it might not be so safe to have him waiting with us beside the road, anyway, I don't know how, but he insisted on giving us a ride back toward Kingsman to a truck stop so we could call a tow truck. I sat by the door because I could run faster than Kay could. We were thinking at least. Kinda.
This guy was living in his truck thingy, kinda at loose ends, because he had lost his daughter in an accident. He was towing a vehicle and she was steering the pulled one, and somehow something happened and the little girl was killed. Horrible guilt kept him away from his home. He just walked away. We called a tow truck, and left a gospel track and $20 in his truck thingy, and he went away to who knows where. Sad man, but he could have been as bad as he looked.

So the tow truck... wow! That I will save for the next time. Yes, it's that interesting!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Catch up

Here is a wandering list of things that have happened in the past few days.
1. Summer school has started, and I'm not working it!!
2. Hubby is now on summer work schedule...4 on and 3 off.
3. Strange to be home during the day with just us grown ups...nice strange.
4. So hot, I got told I could clean out the vents to start up the air...
5. I cleaned out the vents to start up the air, duh!
6.I have been walking after delivering young lings to the schools for babysitting and school work.
7. Baby sitting for the 7th grader
8. School credit for the 2 highschoolers.
9. I think I just like making lists sometimes.
10. I have been reading some good books.
11. Scary books, so I wont tell you about them.
12. The new Koontz book is out!!! "Odd Hours"
13. I'm waiting for the smaller hard back to match my, oh wait never mind, mine is that size. tee hee.

The following poem is something that I wrote a while back. I just felt physically ill whenever the news would talk about China and all of the dead. I felt compelled to write something down...get my feelings sorrow. I know their are Christians in China, and I would just like to encourage all of my readers/friends to continue to pray for that land and her people. That God would be working great good out of such horrible devastation.

China's Heart

All the children...heavy stones
See the parents...all alone
Cries of terror...cries of pain
Who will hear them... cry in vain
Sobbing woman...all alone
Sitting on the graves of stone
Empty eyes...hollow hearts
Broken families...forever apart
Jesus loves the little ones
Sees the terror...hears the pain
Maybe someone...knows the Truth
Tell the hurting...God's new birth
All the children...heavy stones
See the parents...all alone
China sitting all alone
Graves of silence...hearts of stone.