Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Secret Message

This is a secret message to someone who knows who they are.
"The wheels are now in motion"
"The tents have all been packed"
"The monkeys have all been tranquilized"
"The clowns have folded their hats"
"The caravan will soon commence
To travel down the road"
July 29- August 5

On another train...thought that sure be hot down here in not God's country. I think I can just not stand it!!
Oh, and Kay, you know that the only reason that you think I'm weird is because it takes one to know one and I bet you didn't have to have me pointed out to you! Burn baby...only thing worse than a "sister burn" is a "mama burn" so my girls say and I'm both!! OUCH! Um, okay...I'm weird...sorry.


Kay Day said...

The tickets are paid for.
Where's the cotton candy?

Kay Day said...

And what about the elephants? You said there would be elephants.