Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessing

A story to dramatize a true event.

Little one was cold and afraid. Standing in the middle of a big flat spot little one suddenly saw a man. The man told little one to get off of the big flat spot and come into the ditch with him. The man comforted the little one and told her that pretty soon she would be warm and get something to eat.
Soon a big thing went by really fast on the big flat thing and the man told her that was a car and the flat thing was a road and that they were both very, very dangerous. He kept her warm and calm until they both heard a loud rumble coming down the road. This was it, the man told little one, go now into the middle of the road and wait a nice lady will take you to a home that's nice and warm . Little one was afraid because the man told her it was dangerous to go into the road, but he said this was it and she had to go. Little one went into the middle of the road. The big truck came down the road, but little one could still see the man in the ditch and his smile made her brave. Little one started running to the truck and it made it stop and a person came out of it and picked her right up. Little one couldn't understand the lady like she did the man, but she knew she was safe and she sang and sang and sang her happiness to the lady.
Little one now has a home and food and a brother and sister ( they don't like her very much yet, but it wont take long she thinks) When little one left with the lady she tried to see the man one more time, but he was gone. Oh well, little one thought, he must have other little ones to help somewhere.

Little one now has a new name "Bling Baby Bradford" proud kitty of Joanna.
Bling is dark grey with light strips on her sides and head. Cute little thing, probably the runt.
P.S. the nice lady gets mean when she thinks that someone just dumped kitty by the woods and fields. Grrrrrr!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving the sweet kitty a home. A nice Thanksgiving gift for Jo. I wish more people cared for God's wonderful animals.

At my house only 7 cats and 3 dogs. All needed a home.

Love, Ione

Momstheword said...

That is so sweet! Apparently she worked her way into somebody's kind heart, besides the lady in the truck.

Ruthie said...

wow - you had me going. I wondered what was going to happen. Good story.Best wishes in 2010.