Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Happening

The kids are getting the third snow day tomorrow...well, make that an "ice" day.
My oldest girl fell on the stairs Sunday and maybe broke her big toe, but maybe not because she is much better today. She had to use crutches on Monday and now her underarms are brused. :(
It sounds like a big horrible thing to almost break your toe, but she falls on the stairs about twice a week. I'm just glad it's not her neck! Yes, she is a little clumsy.
My son, now 18, used a rubber mallet hammer to get the ice off of his car. He knows that you can crack the glass, he had to get the ice off of ALL of his car...I guess it goes better when it's ice free. My sinus infection from you know where is comming back. I can't even get my netti pot to work. The water wont even go through. Sad. My face bones hurt as well as my teeth. I hate winter! Okay, I will visit your blog(s) next visit to the library. Right now I'm at the house using the little ones puter. Okay bye. :)


Momstheword said...

Sometimes sinus infections are actually bacterial and need anti-biotics. Was hoping you were better.

Robin said...

Hi Julie - good to hear from you again. Your mom is right about some sinus infections needing antibiotics - hope you feel better soon. I know what you mean about not being able to use the Netti Pot when you are so clogged up...

The kids in our area got their first snow day this week - guess I should say ICE day since it was ice mostly. I had to take the hammer to our front steps 12 of them because I didn't want anyone slipping and breaking their neck.

I too, like your son have to have every speck of snow off my car - I dislike driving down the road behind someone who cleared off just enough snow to see out and when they hit the breaks it all falls on your car.

I'm so tired... guess I should get to bed...

QOTW said...

Hope you are feeling better.

In order for the schools to have a snow day here in Loveland, it has to snow probably a foot or have blizzard conditions. We've had snow days at work a couple of times over the last several years when we had about 18"-24" plus inches. The Records Dept I work in is called "non-essential personnel." I don't particularly like the name, but I guess it's okay if we get snow days!

Robin said...

Hi Julie - it was great to "see" you at my blog :) Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Robin said...

Just checking in... it seems that I'm not the only one not spending a lot of time on the blog scene. Looking forward to hearing from you. I posted a picture of my daughter and her two little friends from a month ago on my blog the other day.

Anonymous said...

Finally found your letter to find your blog!! I know shock!!
Things are great, I'll have to fill you in some time.