Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well I'm back.
First thing. I Can't change my stupid Christmas background!!!! I try and try and try and I just can't do it! Imagine a foot stomp and sniffle after that sentence.
Second. I don't know how much time I can really put into this blog thing. My last post was in January! I will have to think about it.
Third. I may have to give all of my secret information to my sister and have her change my background for me. hee,hee.
D. My computer lid was cracked and I got it fixed for free by H.P. because of some recall or some such thing on the lid hinges. Yippee!!! I was sad about my computer, and now I'm not sad anymore.
E. I have lost 11 pounds and about 20 inches so far on my diet. I keep trudging along.
And six. We have mystery flowers coming up here in our yard. Mayhaps tulips, or daffodils. When we find out what they are we will move them where we want them.
Okay. I have to go home and feed my family...they think they need to eat! Cheesh! Some people, huh! :)
I will catch up on all of your blogs as soon as I can
Hi Melissa!!!


Robin said...

Hi Julie,

Glad to see a post from you... Since my little one has joined us I haven't had as much time to read or post on blogs (even my own), but know I think of you.

Don't worry about not posting a lot because it makes me feel better :)

Momstheword said...

Boy, I was surprised to see your blog. I know it is difficult for you to find internet access :) I see that others of us have a hard time keeping up the blogging. I don't think anyone reads mine anymore. By the way, I saw Melissa the other day. She's needing your new address. If I can remember, I'll get it to her.

QOTW said...

I read your blog pretty often--except when you aren't writing anything. Glad you are back. Keep writing.

Robin said...

Hi Julie,

I'm not doing much blogging these days because of spending time with my new little one and with the older two as well. I love being a mom.

I plan to post some pictures soon (define that - not sure...).

Have a great day!

Ruthie said...

Nice to see your post.
We had some things coming up in our yard one year...thought they were weeds and kept pulling them up. One year, we were gone when they came up..and we came home to beautiful orange poppies. So pretty they were.

Come on by for my One year blogoversary. :)