Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My House- My Very Loud House

I live in a loud house. I live in a very,very,very loud house. You can ask my Mom & Sister about our phone calls with all of the background noise going on.

Even right now as I type this my house is incredibly LOUD, and I'm the only one at home, the only HUMAN that is. That great big chicken that I'm holding (it's an old photo by the way) is our and I mean P's (but really mine-because I feed, wash, trim, train, spoil-oops not spoil.) Cockatoo-Koko. Koko used to belong to my husbands Sister. She worked all the time and the bird needed to be around people (they can develop mental illness,oh!, as well as give it!) and so my hubby asked ,and I didn't know better and now we have a bird. We have had her for 6 years-she is as old as our youngest girl by the way. 12 years old and she will only live about another 75 or so. She is wonderful if you like a somewhat talking/screaming feathered animal that pouts and cuddles and basically acts like a 3 year old child. I have taken her to my youngster's class' in the Elem. school and have been called the bird lady a time or two for my efforts. I always wanted to be a cat lady, but I only have 2 cats, and one cockatiel (a small bird that chirps and whistles and tries to talk like big sis does). 2 birds, 2 cats,3 teenagers, 1 husband. Yes I live in a very,very,very loud house. If you are interested in knowing some silly things about my bird Koko, I will give you a quick top ten (but there is more then ten you know)

1. She has eaten only one t.v. remote.

2. She has only stranded herself on the roof of our house once,

3. She can say "I love you", but don't get thrilled if she says it to you because she said it to a wasp once.

4. She does talk in context to any given situation, and understands what we say.

5. She chews on her toe nails- must be nerves. : )

6. She can bark like her former mommies dog.

7.She taught herself to whistle when we got the other bird- to compete for attention.

8.She is afraid of the little bird.

9.She does her tricks for me, but not for my hubby.

10.She is very,very,very,very loud- you can hear her down the street, it's so nice.


Kay said...

Well, I grew up in a loud house and I only had one sister!
ha ha ha ha ha ha
Sometimes I feel like Karma might be real.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ok, so we also had three cats but they were pretty quiet and when one did get loud, mom would accidently call it Julie.
ha ha ha ha ha
Ok, I'm done.

Momstheword said...

I think we may regret all this family blogging togetherness! Yes, J., your bird is loud. But then she does something cute and sweet. Great blog!

Jen said...

I think the 'family togetherness' proves my point about our family and word quotas. Not only do we all have things to say, but we all have things to say about what everyone else has to say.

Kay said...

I laugh every time I read that part about her saying "I love you" to a wasp! LOL

Julie said...

Kay I don't know what you mean by you having a loud house growing up. And I think Koko loved the wasp because it was flying around her head and she liked it. I have to trick her into saying it to me. She loves her birdie bed and night,night.

Momstheword said...

I'm impressed with the water color painting of a snow owl. See, it's just behind your head in that picture of you and the bird.

Robin said...

My house is noisy with zero animals, two kids 8 and under and a husband.

Robin said...

Oh and if you add a spider into the mix my house gets LOUDER and that would be my fault.

Julie said...

Robin you crack me up!!

QOTW said...

Julie, very funny. Laughing. Kay, I laughed pretty loud at your comment. So now it's your fault that my house is loud! Good times.