Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jerry- the Cat and Boo too!

I have 2 cats at my house like I told you earlier (look at last post)
Jerry is my hubby's cat, he used to live at the shop, not my hubby, but the cat. He would go outside when the shop would close down for the night and weekend, and would greet people and help my hubby fix cars during the day. It's another story that I'm not going into today (I hear cheers), but my Hub. decided to change his job from mechanic to Police officer. He retired Jerry and we brought him to our house to live the plush life.

MEANWHILE, I had lost my cat a year earlier to death, and I was cat-less. So sad. One day I was outside watching my man wash his motorcycle,and this skeleton dressed as a cat came out from under out truck. I feed her and looked all over town for her kittens, but alas I found none. She stayed around and was very charming and loving (that changed once she filled out). She was a keeper and I somehow talked the powers that be to keep her and we got her fixed. She is the color of our oak trim inside the house.
Her name is Taffy,Boo, and my oldest calls her meows.
So when Jerry retired he came home to a cat that thought this was her home first. You all should know how that works, and after about a year they finally like each other and play. The top picture is of Boo ( the flash hurt her eyes), the bottom is Jerry sleeping. Jerry is a drug addict (from the fumes at the shop) and his hobby is cleaning himself (bad skin-from the shop also I think). Boo is a hunter and enjoys "looking " at the little bird, she also is a talker-hence the name "meows".


Kay said...

aww. Jerry is a Shoney.
And Boo is so cute. I miss kitties.

Momstheword said...

Aw, I miss my grandcats, and my grandkids.

Momstheword said...

Do people know that if they click on your pictures, the pictures get really big?

Julie said...

They do now. : )