Tuesday, July 8, 2008

After Midnight Adventure

I have a cat named Taffy. She is a tiny little thing and kinda sweet when she needs to be. Taffy- a.k.a. Boo, is a mighty hunter. She has brought sudden death to birds at my big feeder just by jumping up and grabbing them in her mouth. She has terrorized the local mouse population to the point that I'm pretty certain that we don't have any in the yard at all anymore. She has had to relocate her hunting expositions to the neighboring fields.
Yesterday evening she just wouldn't settle down, and after my hubby ate his late dinner (10:30 pm), and went back to patrol, I just couldn't stand her so I let her go out for the night. Now, I usually don't let her stay out at night because we have had coyotes out and about before. But I was gonna stay up late and read, so I figured on letting her back in before I hit the hay. I did.
I didn't see her very clearly as she came "running" into the house, but as she stopped in the kitchen (hard floor- thank God!) I noticed the gift she had just set down.
A little baby bunny. I didn't know this at first, because my lightning fast imagination (my mutant power you know) was running through all of the species of 5 inch long grey mammals that live in this state. After I landed on bunny (no tail, and longish ears) it was up scritching across my kitchen floor...oh, by the way, this scritching woke up the big cat...really fast! It runs...I run... I grab the little cat and hold her next to my body...I grab the huge cat by the skin on his back ( no animals were hurt in this grabbing), and yell for my oldest (boy) J! J! J! See, I knew my girls were totally useless in matters involving critters and scritching and critters. He came out pretty fast and even hung up the phone first (girlfriend) and I ran the situation by him and he sprang into action.
He creeps after it...it runs...he creeps...it runs! It went all through the living room and cornered itself in the bathroom. My brave son goes in and closes the door. So brave! So sweet. I ask if he has it and he says "I'm just waiting for it to calm down a little." So sweet. I let go of the really confused and slightly mad cats and J takes bunny-foo-foo outside to the wild.
Today...I'm moving a car, and Boo comes running real fast toward me with a 5 inch grey thing in her mouth...but it's okay this one was a rat! I said "Good girl! Good girl Boo!! Stay outside"


Indian Lake Papa said...

The events of a lifetime sure can mess up your mind and screwup a normal day - whatever that is! I loved this post! :o)

Momstheword said...

Great greasy gravy, Julie! Seems only fair that you should experience something like that. Recall the mouse on your pillow... Good going, J. Can you imagine the squeals if the girls had been up? On the other hand, the cool and collected older J might have handled it.

Julie said...

No, both the girls would be no help at all...believe me!

Monday through Sunday said...

Glad all ending well! We used to have a cat that would catch mice..take them into the dining room and try to eat them under the dining room table..ew!

QOTW said...

It was at least temporarily a good ending.

Jen said...

One time, our old cat Baby brought in a baby rabbit's head and left it on the rug in the kitchen. Just waking up on a Saturday morning, it didn't occur to me to watch where I stepped. Yah, squish. I was scarred for life. I will never own another cat.