Friday, July 4, 2008

Fire Works!

I love to go and see the fireworks! We go to the next town over, and sit in a big lawn ( SBU's front lawn). When the kids were little it was hard to keep them from becoming bored, but as they have grown older they are much better at entertaining...who ever is looking.
This year we went to a large Church fireworks show-they had music with it, and we went to the normal one we go to.
This year we also had our boy's girl friend along with us, and all four played "kick the soccer ball, and scare the parents that they might hit a stranger in the head" game. They didn't hit anyone in the head.
I love the fireworks! I could watch them every night...EVERY NIGHT! My fav. are the ones that crackle crackle crackle as they fall down. You sit back and when they shoot them high enough you can feel like they are right on top of you and I just love to watch them.
I think the best part about watching fireworks is that everyone is quiet. We just watch them. Yes, some comments are made, but for the most part we just watch them and enjoy the mystery and awe. I love fireworks.


Momstheword said...

Maybe I missed it, but do you love fireworks? :) I watched them on television tonight and I think there were types I'd never seen before. No mosquitoes either.

Monday through Sunday said...

LOVE fireworks!

Kay Day said...

We saw one shaped like a lobster!! Or a scorpion, or a crab.

We also saw some that were spirals. and some hearts!

QOTW said...

We were party-poopers. Didn't see any fireworks. We did, however, hear some. They sounded lovely.

Robin said...

We saw a nice show in the comfort of friend's garage - it was raining. Our city does a nice display each year at a park a mile from our house. We were able to see the whole show from our friend's house without getting wet. We love the fireworks too!