Monday, July 7, 2008

New Life...New Me...

Okay! This is the deal... I am going on the wonderful journey of a lifestyle change. By this, I mean, I am going to change the way I fuel my body. Years ago I went through a Church based weight reduction program and lost around 50 some pounds. Other things were happening at the time as well, but I still lost the poundage. Yippy me!!! I kept it off for a few years, but then I started community college, and than got married and whoopsie! Hello!!! almost all of the weight has decided to come home to to speak. I can't count calories, and I really don't feel like exercising at this weight, and I really don't like being hungry or deprived. So I'm going back to the basics of the program I went through. I found a version (free) in a magazine, it's called "intuitive-eating". Basically, you eat like a child...look at the food and eat the parts you like the when your hungry...stop when you feel full. Below is the basic steps to follow when you eat.

1. Are you really hungry?

(you picture your tummy like a fuel tank...don't eat on on one quarter. Not empty or you will be more likely to overeat.)

2. Do you spend at least 20 min. on every meal?

(supposed to take at least that long to feel full, and eat slow.)

3. Do you use all of your senses when you eat?

( enjoy what you are eating...if it tastes yukky don't eat it)

4. Do you multitask at meals?

( don't, it's too easy to eat mindlessly...just stuffing without thinking about it)

5. Do you listen to your body's natural "stop-eating" signals?

(just as important as the "am I hungry?" signal)

6. Do you use portion control on "bad" foods?

( this one is my interpretation...why eat a whole bag of m&m's...try just 5 or 8. A bowl of chips instead of out of the bag...etc)

So, there you are! I am now accountable to the whole wide world, or at least the 6 or so people that read this once in a while... my Mom and Sister at least. Is anyone else willing to take this pain free journey with me? I also plan on using Bible study/reading/memorization to fill the emotional void that the food will leave. I have done this before, like I said, but allowed myself to fall into the lies that I can eat as much as I want to whenever I want to. I can't do that. I am going to be accountable to you as well as to God for what I put into my body. I could use a buddy for this if anyone is interested. :)


Momstheword said...

Remember you were working nights at a very physical job and sleeping during the day. You can do it, kiddo.

Monday through Sunday said...

Sounds like some good advice! Hello to you as well! :)

Kay Day said...

Maybe I should start doing this, too. For some reason lately I just feel like eating all the time.

Robbie Iobst said...

Julie, I am always in the need and on the look out for something, ANYTHING, that can help me eat better and less. So let us know how it goes. I like the advice!

Robin said...

Sounds great Julie! Good advice! Those simple steps/rules are ones we can all attempt to apply to our lives! Thanks for sharing! You can do it!

Ruthie said...

I've also found that eating 1/2 of a piece of pie is really just as satisfying as eating a whole piece (as an example). Only problem is, I usually think it tastes so good, I eat the whole thing.
Blessings to you on this eating right. I'll be praying for you.