Sunday, September 7, 2008


I have a new job waiting for me when we move to Republic. I am once again going to be baking. At least I know what I'm doing....kinda sorta. :)
I will be working at a pizza place making the cookies, and other yummy stuff, and some of the bread. I get only .40cents less an hour, and around the same hours a week. I figured that with out 20% being taken out for retirement (if I wanted it or not), and not having it stretched out to cover summer...I will be getting more each week. No benefits yet (that's what she said), but I can eat for half off. I may buy a lunch box. Pizza is not really my cup of tea, so to speak. But I love Italian sandwiches!
Our boy now has his first car, a 93 Ford Mercury. Burgundy. It's a big car, but rather sharp I say. It has some "used car" things about it, but hey, he is only 17. It runs!
The boy has been burning his candle at both ends...meaning staying up way too late talking to a certain red headed little girl, and yesterday was out in the drizzle learning man stuff about his car. So, today he has a 100.6+ temp. In bed being sick...talking on the phone. Only one more week of school left here for them, and I think that he may just reach his requirements and finish at the semester break,(1 to 2 credits left) and than do...well, I haven't guessed that far yet. He is already accepted to MSU in the fall, so I know that much. Gets at least one scholarship too! Needs a few more, but should get them...he is kinda smart.
Oldest girl is holed up in her room these days, but that will change when we move because for one, we will not have Internet. I plan on going to someplace to do my blog things. Otherwise she is all good on the move, just will miss her peeps.
Youngest is ready for the move too, as far as I can tell. We hope that her mouth won't get her nose bounced off her face. Hmmmm. I guess if it happens it happens. Shes not worried about it.
Hubby's job is still in the training phase, and not his favorite thing, but he will overcome! Once he is cut loose to do his job it will be alright. He has PTO's that he has to ride along with and they all want things done differently. Every one has their own little quirks I guess.
So that's what is going on here. Today we (hubby and myself) moved boxes to one area, cleaned wood cabinets, master bathroom, and master bedroom. My hands are all puffy from the cleaning water. Hope I don't die from it, or at least get moved first...I might otherwise get stuffed into a box, and not get unpacked until Christmas!!


Momstheword said...

Wow! That is an interesting and informative blog. Glad things are working out so well.

QOTW said...

Good to have a job for both of you.

Robin said...

Sounds like things are under control. It wouldn't be a good thing for me to work in a pizza shop because I like it way too much...but then I'd probably put in strange requests for "interesting" and "creative" pizzas...