Saturday, September 27, 2008


First, I work at a place called Fox's Pizza Den. I am the baker. I make chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies that get frosted with butter cream frosting, no bake cookies, pecan puffs, rice crispy bars, and whatever else I'm told to make. I also make the frosting. I cut the bread(frozen) into 4 inch lengths, and on another day I put it into pans with butter on it...proof it in the proof box and bake. 30 min. This bread becomes sandwiches through the magic of someone else, or garlic bread. (Ok, garlic bread doesn't make the bread into sandwiches, a person does. Just thought I would clear that up for you. The bread gets turned into garlic bread, OR sandwiches. A person does this.)

Second, I'm a bad, bad, bad, girl! I'm not- not drinking soda anymore. :)

Third, and this is just a random thing here, I started taking pre-natal vitamins-because I feel that my body is deficient in a major way- and I have lost 5 pounds! Plus I feel a lot better too. Go figure.

Fourth, I'm only taking those vitamins because I feel that they are like SUPER vitamins, not for any other reason-mom! Sorry.

Fifth, I am at the library again, and this time I'm with all 3 kids! I like the library too, Robbie. It makes me feel smart. I don't know why, just like I have the possibility of being smarter because I'm at the library I guess.

Sixth, I don't have any pictures of the house yet, but I do have a really cute one of my Taffy cat sitting in the poop tray of our big birds cage. Yeah, you will need to see that one for sure now.

Seventh, I really am almost all moved in. It's just that this home was near a tornado, and their is a little work that has to be done, and it is sucking all of our bonus child, and boost, and refund credit tax stuff. Husband is now at this moment replacing the electric fireplace with a wood pellet stove. We are going, and by we I mean my husband, to put tile down in the kitchen and the back hall. We already have it. Ready to go, just need the time to do it. Ha!

The back privacy fence is missing about one and a half sections (thank you tornado), and will have to be replaced.
We are all well and kicking and sassy here. I don't know if I will be able to have any set days for being on the computer, but I will always try to read all of your blogs even if I don't leave a comment.
Oh, eighth, the girls are doing fine with the school change, but the boy isn't. He has decided that he isn't going to talk to anyone on the bus, and maybe in his two class', because he "isn't here to meet people". I would really like those of you who would to please pray for this kid. 17 and going through a major attitude change, and not a change for the best. I think he feels that if he makes friends, or has fun here he is betraying his girlfriend back in Pleasant Hope. He has a job, so I don't know how he gets along with people there. It's just a little bouncy right now.


Momstheword said...

I like those kitchen supply stores because I always think that stuff will make me like cooking better, and be better at it. That boy could move back to Pleasant Hope and go to school there, or he could commute, or he could just suck it up. :) Grandma advice, you see.

Julie said...

Yeah, he was told by "dad" that if he hated it so bad he could go back. He just wants to not be happy about it.

Monday through Sunday said...

give it time ~ my boys were ready to cry and give up after the first week of school. what is it with boys?! I thought they were the easy, unemotional ones. NOT! :)

Kay Day said...

I can see where he's coming from. When we went to a new church and knew that it was only for a short time, we didn't bother getting to know people, either.

I'm glad you like your house. I thought you were working as a lunch lady still, but at the new school. You don't tell me nothin' I guess.

Sorry I haven't called -- maybe tomorrow.

QOTW said...

It's always hard for the children. Hopefully things will get better.

Robin said...

I like your description of what you do at work and your sense of humor in describing things :)

I hope your son is soon comfortable in your new community.

We love the library too - everyone knows us there and if we skip for a few days they wonder what is wrong.