Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is a poem I am putting in my "goodbye" card for my co-workers at work. :)

See the kitchens, see them all.
Busy little cooks.
Some are short, and some are tall
two of them are goofs.
Quiet cooks, and loud cooks, and some are in between.
But all today are sad cooks...:(
you see, they've lost their queen.

And the great part will be when they fight over who the two goofs are.
I am also giving them a little plastic cup with a few candies in it. I'm nice, because I am their Queen! I need a crown.


Monday through Sunday said...

Very sweet ~ go buy a tiara!! :)

Kay Day said...

hahaha! You're funny.

Kay Day said...

You should make a crown out of parchment paper.

Momstheword said...

That is really cute...it will make them laugh and cry!

Julie said...

Kay, I should use tin foil.

Robin said...

Very cute Julie!

I left you a reply at my Actions Speak Loudest blog - its the last comment left at this point. I have a question for you about the netti pot. Thanks!