Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My folks are gonna brave the wide beauty of Kansas this week just to come and see me!!
Ok! See the kids.
And my husband.
But they have to see me if they want to see them!! Ha!
Anyhow, we will have the same plans that we always have.
1. Eat at the home-probably cold cuts and chips.
2. Eat a BBQ meal at home, burgers, brats, b.beans, p.salad, etc.
3. Go out somewhere to eat. This gets more expensive each year, but we only go out a couple times each visit.
4. Sit and look at each other while someone (no names mentioned because I don't want anyone to make fun of my dad) sleeps on the couch.
5. Sit and talk about what we can do.
6. Get begged to go to walmart by at least one child.
7. Maybe go to the dollar store.
8. And finally, remember all the cool things I wanted to do only when they are halfway home.


Momstheword said...

Hopefully we won't be so tired for so long if we make the trip in two laps. Maybe we can find some new things to do in your new area. Still on schedule.

Kay Day said...

and see your new house! That's the real reason they are going!
I wouldn't worry about entertaining them too much. They are pretty happy to sit and stare. You and mom can write while dad does his thing...
I would come if I could. I like to see your house, um, I mean you.

Robin said...

Sounds like what happens here when my mother comes to visit.

Have a great time!