Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Here are some random pictures from my life. A few cats, birds, mess, husband, house. P. is trying to finish the hearth for our new wood pellet burning stove. At home today he is almost finished. He will grout it tomorrow. I will have a picture of the finished product.

Jerry cat-wanting to go outside


back of house

privacy fence with missing section

Mother in law room (ha, ha!)

husband squinting because he hates his new bi-focal glasses & can't see very well with them

Boo kitty looking at husband through hole

view from stairs of the mess
Boo kitty-still supervising
hey Kay, rub his belly!

Boo kitty. She will jump off this onto the sofa

Boo in the poop pan.
And thank you for your prayers. I have noticed a change in attitude for me and the boy.


Robin said...

Great pictures! Wow your house is HUGE! I'm glad things are going better for your son.

Momstheword said...

I have no idea when to look for you online. Glad to see some pictures of your new place. Takes some doing to get used to bifocals I understand. Glad there's been some attitude adjustments :)

QOTW said...

Great pictures. It's good to see some of your life. Your husband is a good man. And you're a good woman.

Monday through Sunday said...

Love the house!! :) I really like that window! Glad things are getting better!! :)