Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pictures from the Visit.

The bounty of my Mom's garden.

This is a picture of my husband cutting tile in the back yard. He made a face mask by using clothes pins to hold a sock around his mouth and nose.

So, my Mom and I are in the kitchen and she looks up and sees this cat head looking at her. Just Boo kitty.

A picture of our finished hearth with the pellet stove. And Jerry cat.

Just a picture of the stuff we put on our ledge in the living room. The red Fisher Price toy clock is mine.

This is the desk my parents brought me. It used to be my Grandmother's desk, and now it's mine. Kay, I shall put my name on it.
In all, the visit was very nice. We are still getting the kitchen floor tiled, and now the hall way is also torn up in getting ready. We work around my husbands days off.
I guess someone who knows my in-laws have given us a brand new (almost) double reclining sofa. My husband is going to have to go to Branson early this week to pick it up. My in-laws are also moving to another home- larger I think, but in the same region. My mother in law likes to move. I don't think I do.


Robin said...

Great pictures Julie! What a beautiful house :) It's a good thing your husband knows how to do tile - you are saving a lot of money.

I chucked when you said, "Kay I put my name on it" (or something to that effect).

I'm jealous of the bounty from your mom's garden - looks delicious!

Julie said...

Robin, we have this little "thing" in my family...meaning my sister and myself. We both seem to think things are ours. If she ever had anything "first" it's hers...forever. Even if it is past down to me. And I, on the other hand, have learned to mark my territory as "proof" of ownership. It makes no difference either way. If we like it we take it and it's up to the other to get it back. All good clean fun. :)

Momstheword said...

I had to laugh again when I saw that cat head. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time. I felt almost hysterical. Sure startled me....... A law man wearing a mask. hummmmm

Kay Day said...

I don't want it.

also, I was expecting pictures of people. I don't see much "visit" in your pictures.

Robin said...

I think it's fun the way you and Kay go back and forth on things. :)

QOTW said...

It sounds like good progress is being made on your house. Yay!

I would like to have something of Grandma's.

Jen said...

Sounds like fun. Parents come to visit and you put them to work. Good idea.

Mom and dad, wanna come visit me?

Monday through Sunday said...

Great pics...the cat is named appropriately! :) You and Kay..crack me up!!

Momstheword said...

Hey, Q. who has the secretary desk with the rounded glass door? That your Mom had? That was Grandma's. Do you want her old fold down sofa and her chair? They're in my shed. We can probably find you something. How about some costume jewelry? :)

QOTW said...

Moms, I guess I don't really need a sofa. My mom had left me that secretary desk with the rounded glass, but Gail didn't have room for my mom's bedroom set, so I traded with her. So now Bryan has the desk. I liked it a lot.

I would like a piece or two of jewelry if it's available and no one minds.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi - thought I would drop by and put my feet up on the hearth - keep the fire warm - i would like a hot chocolate!

Momstheword said...

Q. I have a chest of drawers of your Mom's. Ask B. if you can have the desk. Who knows. I'll bring some stuff at Thanksgiving if you're planning to be at Kay's.