Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So, it's FPO, and not FTO. Sorry. Kay, that's funny because this guy has been a" joy" to P. for several weeks, and he (FPO) was on the side of the road and slipped down into a ditch! P's exact words to me when telling me this story were, "he rolled down a hill and into a ditch. (it was dark out) P. looked for him and couldn't find him, and thought he might be in the other patrol car...so he left. He was the tail end of a cop car convoy. The first car went and P just had to go also.
Whats second funny about this is that he landed on his mace and sprayed his butt!!
Whats thirdly funny about this is that (he was only a block from the station) a Seargent drove by him on his way into work and said "their is a suspicious man in "overalls" walking along the road...go check it out." It was the cop! And another officer picked him up.
Some other guy sent e-mails all around the department saying things like..
" Academy=$5000., Equipment=$1000., Nice shiny patrol car=10,000., leaving your FPO on the side of the road=priceless."
It's a training process that is really like having someone tell you how to do what you already know what to do. Also to introduce you to department procedures. Ok, thats all.


Momstheword said...

Are the guys giving P. a hard time or do they think it's cool? I love the part about the mace and the suspicious man in overalls! Was it the same officer that thought we might be suspicious people from Colorado?

Kay Day said...

The reason I asked, (I heard the story already) was that most of us civilians don't know what FPT, FPO or whatever stands for.
The average person reading the story might think it was some kind of electrical devise or something. And that's not so funny.
But the real story, know that it was his training officer, THAT's funny!

QOTW said...

Very funny. The guys where I work would enjoy that story too. And neither the trainee nor the FPO could ever live it down.

Robin said...

Great story!

Thanks for the help in understanding the abbreviations Kay :)