Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bad Day?

Ever have one of those days? You know, the day that everyone is so stupid, or annoying?
It's easy to think that your the only one to have a bad day. I sometimes can have a bad week!
But today, and the last few weeks have actually been rather good for me. I try really hard to not get pulled into the teenage drama, and when someone is grouchy I just growl back.:)
I have found it a stress reducer to stick my tongue out at my husband when he is being especially "special" He sticks his right back out at me and than gives me a smile. So I guess it's alright to do. Now I don't recommend that you stick your tongue out at the snarky check out lady, but if you do PLEASE let me know what happens!!
Oh, and if you do it to someone while they are turned around....well, just remember that people are pretty quick.


Kay Day said...

hahaha... Brat.

I'm not sure what my hubby would do if I stuck my tongue out at him... should I see?

QOTW said...

You know, that's how people start talking in tongues!

Momstheword said...

you didn't get your feisty from me. Sounds like a paternal thing to me. Poor hubby. Don't stick your tongue out at every P.O. that you see. You might get arrested.

Indian Lake Papa said...

shame shame - i would never do that! heh heh! You didn't see it did ya ??

Robin said...

You are funny and so are the comments :)

Yes, Kay you should try it and see what happens and report back to us ;)

Papa - Yes I saw - you know mothers have eyes in the back of their heads...