Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Whatever...

Firstly, Mom, I don't know why I keep getting dropped while we are IM ing.
Nextly, We might have figured out our heating problem. We are using a pellet stove, and a Eden Pure radiant heater. It's a lovely 74 in the house. But probably around 67 in the bedroom. Oh well.
Also, Robin had her baby, and she had a little girl just like I told her to do. Good girl (s). :)
Our big cat is a little pushy these days. And the little one is also a bully! She attacks Jerry...on the night...while we are trying to go to sleep. Fun times. But don't worry, I have so many blankets on the bed that we don't feel the claws...and teeth. Yup, fun times.
OK! I have a new meme to start. I made it up myself today at work. If anyone says that they have already done or seen it they are wrong because I made it up myself today at work.
You know all of the blah,blah,blah and than you have to tell four (or more) things about yourself that NO ONE knows! Not even family. I will tag 3 people or so, and than since I know just about everyone after that you really don't need to tag anyone...just everyone do it!
Me first.
Hmmm, let me think...OK.
1. I talk to inanimate objects.. some examples: oven at work (don't burn me!), cookie cutter, car, you get it.
2. I often skip when I could just walk.
3. I've developed the ability to suddenly "just appear" behind people with out them hearing me, and they turn and "oh yipes!, you scared me" I don't mean to creep, but I guess I do. Funny since I skip a lot.
4. I peed in Kay's shower once, and I'm not one bit sorry!

I tag Spinster, Queen, and Mom's. Remember, it has to be something that your pretty sure only YOU know you do.


melanie said...


Indian Lake Papa said...

I eat cold chef boyardee spagetti right out of the can - yum, with chuncks of brick cheese!

Kay Day said...

gross. You pooped in the tub once, too, when we were bathing together. I shall never forget that.

I tend to creep, too and I don't mean to. People in stores and such are always backing into me, etc because they don't realize I am right behind them.

Julie said...

Papa your funny too! My sister used to beg chunks of cheese for a night time snack from my dad just so we could stay up later. She told me to pretend I was a mouse.

Kay, what was I? Two years old at the time? If that. I probably just felt very comfortable. hee, hee. At least I did afterwards!

Robin said...

Julie - I've done 1-3 :)

Robin said...

Oh I'm absolutely in love with my precious 2 week old! She feels like she's always been a part of my life and that she was so supposed to be here. I took her to church today, but hogged her when people asked to hold her - I figured they could wait a couple more weeks. So many people held her on her birth day that I thought we could take a little break from those who weren't family. I wore her to church in a sling.