Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that I enjoy about the winter.
1.Being warm inside while it's cold outside.
2. Hot tea
3. Hot chocolate
4. Thanksgiving
5. Christmas
6. Listening to the snow fall in the middle of the night
7. Seeing the frost patterns on the windows
8.Hallmark specials on T.V.
9.How the night sky looks...I love to star gaze
10.Getting to bundle up...coat, gloves, hat, scarf
11.not getting woke up by sun light at 6a.m.
12.Frosty air
13.The smell of snow


Indian Lake Papa said...

WHAT??!! Listening to the snow fall?? Smelling snow ?? What ???!!! LOL :o)

melanie said...

the smell of snow...mmm..I miss that! I also miss the sound..the total silence after a snow...

Robin said...

Great list! My daughter tells me that she likes the smell of snow too.

My new daughter is stealing my heart more each day. What a blessing.

QOTW said...

We had snow this weekend--4 to 5 inches. And it's so cold. Last night the low was minus 17. It's supposed to warm up to mid 30s in soon.

Robbie Iobst said...

I love Hallmark movies! I watched "The Front of the Class" the other night and bawled my head off. Wonderful winter thing to do.