Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Believe You!

I am gullible. It's not my fault if someone tells me a lie and I believe them! I have always been this way. I am not so much now, but much more so when I was younger. It didn't take much to make me doubt my own understanding of the ways of the universe.
One fine example... When I was a teenager-old enough to know better...I had the habit of turning the hood ornament crooked whenever I walked by the car. My Dad one day told me I really shouldn't do that because it would cause the car to not start. (probably to save the ornament) I said "yeah,right" But I turned it right on the sly as I walked away. I had to think about if the car had any wires that ran under the hood, it didn't, and I even had to look at it later that day just to make sure. Gullible. I used to feel bad that I easily believed people when the told me things. When younger I asked an older teenager what that thing on top of the Taco Bell sign was, and she told me it was a giant bean. It was a man sitting like he was resting, with a sombrero covering his head and face. They look different now. I believed her. I was once told that in the dictionary by the word gullible their was a picture of me. I didn't believe THAT one. So if anyone ever teases or makes you feel stupid because you believe what they say...just remember that they are the ones who are telling lies to you.


Kay said...

Between you and our friend A, it sure was fun! LOL

You are right, though. We tend to make fun of gullible people, but they are simply being trusting. On the other hand you could be cynical and doubt everything you are told, like me.

I think the wrong one of us lives in the "show me" state.

QOTW said...

I used to be pretty gullible until I became a teacher. Then I doubted most everything a student told me. I didn't necessarily tell them I didn't believe, but I often waited until I could see what the truth was.

Robin said...

I'm cynical too Kay. I think I had my trust crushed too many times. People who are trusting are refreshing.

Julie said...

Kay, I believe you!!!
Queen and Robin, I'm not quite so gullible as I used to be, but I like to believe people just to say "Hey, I believe's not my fault your a liar." Thats kinda fun ya know. I don't believe ANYTHING anyone under 20 tells me! :)

Momstheword said...

Parents and adults in general don't realize that most kids don't get sarcasm and "kidding". When I first began visiting in nursing homes, I actually believed them when they told me they hadn't eaten for three days. Didn't know much about dementia in those days :)

Ruthie said...

I think we are all gullible sometimes. And it's OK. :)
I'm glad you're enjoying my China Memories. I am writing the short version so it's all documented for our family. My parents both wrote some in their diaries - and some I remember from them telling me. I want to be sure to get it all down and this seems to be a good way to do it. Thanks for coming by.

SweetAnnee said...

Trusting people is good.
hugs to you, Deena

Monday through Sunday said...

yep ~ I am gullible.