Tuesday, April 29, 2008

update and DARE

I will have a picture of the "new" car tomorrow, I hope.

Last night my husband celebrated a wonderful event. His first group of 5th graders had their Graduation from the DARE class he teaches at the Middle School. It's a 9 week class and it teaches kids about the dangers/how to not do/why they shouldn't do drugs. He had our Chief and another Officer as special speakers for the evening. Officer H. is in his 50's and I think he is really nice and cool. He was hubby's PT trainer in Academy. He made him run, and fight and all of that awful stuff. Officer H. is also a sniper, he just finished the training and didn't get any breaks for his age. Tough dude. Real sweet, and likes me and my man.
Our Chief is also an older gent. and has quite a bit of experience. Both men think highly of my hub., and that means a lot to both of us. It was a good show for the Graduation, and we were pleased that the parents took the time to celebrate the accomplishment of their kids. Some won an essay contest, and got a savings bond. Everyone got a pin, and diploma. A lot of cake and donuts, and soda were donated, and I believe all had a great time. One kid wrote that Alcohol is a meat tenderizer, and should only be used for that. Good stuff.


Robin said...

Very cool! I love to hear about positive things people are involved in you must be proud of hubby :)

Momstheword said...

Awwww! I am so proud of your hub. I suggest they continue DARE clear through high school because those little kids never think they'll do anything like that and then their brains change a few years later.
Tell him we're proud of his success.

QOTW said...

Good job! He's a good man and you are a good woman!!

Ruthie said...

Great job!
Come to my site - I have an award for you for being so supportive of me. I always appreciate your comments!
Thanks. :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thank you for dropping by my latest post! I think we have bumped into each other before. The DARE program sounds wonderful. Tell your hub great job! have a Happy Mothers Day. Maybe I could give your hub some ideas! :o)

Robin said...

Hey Julie, just wanted to let you know I like your new header picture :)