Monday, April 21, 2008

Waterfall Adventure

I was in High School and I think Kay was in College. Mom took us out to Red Canon National Park just outside the town we grew up in. It is a really beautiful sand stone rocks, cacti, scrub oak, snakes, lizards, red ants, and what a view! It was sometime of the year, maybe Christmas break, or spring break, because there was snow patches and it was cool/cold. But the sun was out and it was beautiful outside that day.
Kay and I went for a little walk while mom stayed in the car to take a nap in the sun warmed car.
We were having a very good walk and decided to do a little climbing. Not anything that needed ropes or anything, just hiking. We followed a path and walked by this really neat waterfall. It was a frozen pool at the bottom, and had frozen water hanging over the top part. We admired it and walked on up. At the top we came upon a little slide down area that was a rock formation. We wondered where it went and were cautious because it had ice down the center from top to bottom. I said,"I will go down and see where it goes, you stay here." The "you stay here" was because I might need help getting back out. I slide down the "slide" on my bottom and walk very carefully across a tiny frozen pool of water. ( half way frozen that is) I'm looking over the edge and guess what I see... the bottom of the waterfall! I was at the frozen top. I'm thinking- wow! This is neat. Than over the shoulder I hear- and I mean RIGHT over my shoulder- I hear "Wow! There's that waterfall" I turned and looked at her and said " what are you doing down here?" she said she wanted to see too.
So we tried to get up the slope for about 2 days or so, and we just couldn't do it. We were in a type of cave with an open top. The top had a dead tree across it and we talked about how we could get out. We dropped rocks down to the bottom of the waterfall to see how far and deep it was and was. We thought about using that tree that was across the top somehow. No way on that. We didn't want to yell...because we thought they would have to send the search and rescue to get us and pull us out. That was worse than being stuck! Because the rescuers might be cute guys. So we thought in enough time Mom would come looking for us. She didn't. She was snoozing in a sun-filled car while we were a little cool on the top of a frozen waterfall. It was probably about 30-45 min. but it seemed longer to us...finally out of sheer desperation...we managed to scoot up the slide with our feet on one side above the ice, and our hands and bottoms on the other side of the slide above the ice.
Meanwhile, back at the car... Mom is stirring and thinking.."where are my wonderful, innocent, charming, sweet Daughters?" As she is pondering this...a man comes walking out of the very same canon we had gone down when we went on our walk. This got her thinking dark thoughts, but she asked the dude if her had seen us, or heard us yelling and he said no. I guess that was good enough for her. But just as she was getting seriously concerned we came strolling out of the canon with sore behinds and scraped up hands. We started the adventure getting along really great...bonded in the pit, and survived to tell the tale. Not bad for one day. I always though Kay was the goober in the waterfall, but in after thought...well, maybe it was me. I should have let her check out the slide. :)


Momstheword said...
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Momstheword said...

I deleted that because I mispelled some words. I said, "Hey! I was headed up the canyon."

Momstheword said...

Now I misspelled misspelled!

Robin said...

What a terrific story! Having a sister must be a real treat! I could visualize your adventure in my mind.

QOTW said...

So, the title could be "A Goober and Her Sister". I think gooberishness runs in family. Somehow it skipped me.

Actually I have my own stories to tell. I will do so on my blog.

This is the kinda story a mother says to herself or to her goobers, "So glad you didn't die and don't ever do that again!"

Kay said...

I remember it a little differently. I remember yelling after a while. And we even pounded on the walls of the crevice with rocks, as if that would do anything. But it works in cave-ins on TV, so we tried it.

The reason I was a goober was because I didn't listen and remember feeling very prideful about the whole thing. How I was sure I could just climb back up out of there.

The reason she was a goober was because she failed to remember that she is not the boss of me.

Ruthie said...

Fun story. Oh, the adventures we get into when we are young - and parents find out about it in later years! :-)
Great posts.