Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How it's Going

This is how it's going so far...
Kay can't get on the Internet
Kay hit the snot out of her head first thing today
J, her boy, got hit in the nose with a baseball
All of the kids played "Twister" and no one got hurt!
The van is fixed, and my Hubby is going to do the tune-up tomorrow
We had a good lunch and dinner
And, as of this time, the night is still young and the kids are back outside with a ball, so someone still has time to get injured.
Plans to catch firefly's
Plans to roast marshmallows (not tonight)
Plans to go eat out somewhere
And I plan to go to bed early tonight...right :)
Oh, and an interesting side note... My bird Koko likes Kay! Hmmm!


Robin said...

Sounds like a time I would have with family. Enjoy!

Monday through Sunday said...

LOL ~ sounds like a heap of fun! LOL them!!

QOTW said...

Good blog. Good times. Greet the sistern, mothern, fathern, childern,and husbern for me.

I am such a woman of dignity, I have be goofy sometimes!

Kay said...

new post! new post!