Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Odd Julie

As a child, I used to have to climb through the wash room window when we got locked out of the house. Now I probably couldn't even put my head through the window. It was a side open window with a weird handle.
I have been know to push all of my sisters many, many buttons...a lot, and often, and than to run and hide. :) (like that worked, I always thought if she killed me she would get in trouble..maybe)
I collect knives, and yet I am afraid of cutting myself.
I can imitate many musical instruments, and some people.
I have to count telephone poles while riding in a car, or driveways, or trees, or birds, or whatever.
I once had a girl from my mom's church convinced that I could tell the difference between the different colored M&M's ( I was almost 30). I had a streak going. Oh yes, I'm that good.
I carried a pocket knife and a rubber tarantula in my purse as a child. Her name was Charlotte. (the spider not the knife..I don't remember the knifes name).
I am so good at using "puppy dog eyes" that I have voluntarily banned myself from using them. The power is too much for one person.
I hum at work.
I whistle for my kids (and husband). They know my whistle, and obey. LOL!!! Right!
At least once a week I crack myself up so much that I laugh out loud.
I ask strangers if their piercings hurt.
Or tattoos,
Or where they got their hair, frosted,freaky, you know...
Okay...quick story..I was saying something once to my hubby and he said "If your trying to make me feel guilty it's not working" I said, "if I were trying to make you feel would" He didn't think so, so I started to tell him what I was saying before, and laying it on, and he said "fine!" And started to go do it, and I said "I was making you feel guilty and you did!" I laughed and so did he, I know how to use the guilt mommy taught me that one. :) With love of course.
Now share at least one odd thing about you.
Remember to keep it know who you are.


Momstheword said...

My two oddest things are my daughters. I wouldn't talk too much about that counting thing, if you know what I mean.... I do find myself counting sometimes. At a funeral I count the flowers in the arrangements to keep from crying. And those puppy eyes!!! Daddy knows them well.

Kay said...

I don't have puppy eyes. I have scary eyes. Huh, Julie, huh?

I remember Charlotte.
I've heard you ask people if their piercings hurt.

The odd thing about me is I have way too many buttons.
I also talk to myself alot, but that's not so odd. Most people just don't admit it.

Everything my children say reminds me of lyrics to a song. They get sung at lot.

Robbie Iobst said...

Great post, Wonder Woman! Let's odd thing about me is that I when I am alone I love to dance and in those moments I really, really believe I am a great dancer. :0)

Julie said...

Mom, what's that saying about the apple and the tree?
Kay, you do have scary eyes, and a lot of fun buttons.
And Robbie, I also, am a great one knows it, or they are jealous. I sing too, usually the words are "no, no, no, noway"

Robin said...

Julie - fun post :)

Mom's the Word - you are funny - great how you make your oddest things two other people - haha

Kay - I talk to myself too - I thought it was normal :)

Robbie - My dad used to dance in the store to embarrass us as kids and I'm pretty sure I've tried to do the same to my kids at least once :)

Hmmm something else weird about me... there is so much to choose from... I prefer dessert before the main meal - need to make sure I have room for it :) Don't always do that just when I can get away with it. I power walk on the treadmill and read at the same time - people always ask me how I can do that - guess its just talent - weird talent :) Ok here's a good one... when I was a child I used to clean public bathrooms until my Gramma made me stop. It bothered me to see litter all over the place, so I picked it up. I think my daughter inherited that same illness because I've caught her doing it too. I restrain myself for the most part now and if I do have to pick something up I make sure to do a proper cleaning afterwards.

Oh another good one - man once I get thinking about it they just pour out... I can't touch the door handle on the way out of a public restroom. If there is no paper towel (you know those air dryers) I will stand there until someone opens the door from the outside - fortunately I'm in busy public restrooms. I've moved trash cans over near the door so I could wash my hands, dry, open the door and place my paper towel in the container. Now why on earth aren't the trash cans arranged like that to begin with?

Ok, pretty sure you are ready to have me committed now :)

QOTW said...

Julie, it's so nice to read about your oddness. You are a rare bird!

For many years as an adult I have stuck my arm out the car window and mowed a single strip of grass along the highway (only in my mind). I don't do it very much anymore. The roadways aren't as nice as they used to be either!

Julie said...

Queen!! I also mow the grass along the roads! I also ride a horse (my hand) and jump the driveways and poles and such. If a lot of people do it it isn't odd now is it!

Julie said...

I think you are not odd! I don't wait for someone to open the door for me, but I do use a paper towel on the door handle. Germs are horrible and yukky and just gross!

Momstheword said...

I guess I had read these other comments. When I was a kid I also rode a horse along the road, jumping over things. If I had a hankie or tissue, I would hang it out the window and that was the horse's tail.