Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Wanna Be Random Too!!!

Everyone is posting a random post, so I want to do one too.

Here goes.

I got some free e-books from http://www.altongansky.com/

He writes fiction and non-fiction books-I'm reading "Angel" by him right now.

I'm freezing today-it's colder inside than out, but I'm in, and I don't do cold.

I had the heater on and hubby came home and turned it off...it's only 73 inside!!

I'm gonna try to go with Hubby right now to go get car parts...wish me luck!

I did it! Did you miss me?

I like cinnamon gum- quite a bit.

But not the hot kind...just the sweet kind.

I'm chewing gum right now!

You know what kind.

I think I have a very strange imagination.

I mixed and baked 496 chocolate chip cookies today.

I have toxic scoop syndrome. Or something crampy in my hand.

I'm not very entertaining when I ramble, oh well.

I am gonna fix pancakes tonight for supper, and I also have to make some more syrup.

Yes, I make my own syrup...I use "Mapeline"

You can get it at Walmart it's by the spices...blue box. Good stuff.

Okay, that's all I can stand


Momstheword said...

Making pancakes is almost like scooping something. I think random is just dandy myself. I find it pretty interesting.

Kay said...


QOTW said...

I like random. It tells us about you and your life. And your brain.

Robin said...

I like your random post :) It was fun. I like making waffles for dinner. One day I made white waffles (normally I make whole wheat) and my son cried because they were white instead of brown - haha

Julie said...

Kay...what what? Robin, my mom went on a whole wheat kick in the 70's- whole wheat pancakes, I remember eating half of one..:)
Funny thing is my husband remembers HIS mom doing the same thing in the 70's. Ruined us for life. You know...trauma.

Momstheword said...

Speaking of that whole wheat kick... one day my niece, QOTW's sister, ate lunch at my house. I made her a sandwich with homemade whole wheat bread. She could eat only about half of it because it filled her more quickly than the regular soft store bread. QOTW's little son loved it! Continued on my blog.

Monday through Sunday said...

LOVE random ~ good job~

Oh..thank you for explaining to me the facts of life regarding chickens..I was so embarrassed I deleted that post..lol