Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thirteen Thursday

Thirteen things I want (ed ) to be when I grow up
I "borrowed" this idea from my sister.
1.I want to be an artist
2. I want to be a poet/writer
3. I want to be independently wealthy
4.I want to be able to speak Spanish, Navajo, Italian, and French
5. I (when a child) wanted to grow up to be a genie or a witch (from TV shows)
6.I want to be Wonder Woman
7.I want to be a free lance photographer -I have some ideas...
8. I want to be an x-ray tech.
9.I want to be an Archaeologist-a digger
10. I want to be a health inspector..I would close down some places so fast...
11. I want to be paid to do nothing
12. I want to work from home and earn enough to not have to work until I'm 70
13. I want to be a helicopter pilot


Indian Lake Papa said...

Oh my! All those "I wants" !!:o) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Want to go for a horsey ride?ha!

Monday through Sunday said...

good stuff ~ I like the idea for this TT13...farmer and interior designer would be great..nice combo..huh?

Momstheword said...

You and Kay could do some of those things together. Didn't realize you had all those want to's in common. Maybe I'll blog on this, too.

Life Adapted said...

I wanted to be a monk. I thought it romantic to putter around all day in silence, speaking only to God. You know, it still sounds romantic..........

I wandered over from Papa's blog and enjoyed your blog.

Be blessed

MIUMIU said...

Nice to meet you, look at your blog sympathy.
And links to your blog please.
Waited reply.

david santos said...

Very good... my friend, very good...
Have a nice day

Robin said...

Love your list and would like several of them myself.