Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Day

I was supposed to be a monkey.
But 40 years ago my parents came home with me instead, and Kay's life was never the same again. I was born with the power to make her yell, cry, laugh, get "snarky", and pout. I was also born with the un-canny ability to find buttons and push them.
I am an interesting combination of both of my parents. I physically resemble my Dad's side of the family...and sometimes he thinks I'm his sister when I call. So I say "Hi, it's Julie", just to save time, but it is fun to let him think I'm his sister. I don't know what side of the family I get my ornery from...probably both. My Mom's Dad was a teaser as are her nephews, and well everyone. My Dad's side tends to be silly and tease also. I have my linguistic skills from my Dad (a.k.a mimicking ability), as well as my hermit tendency. When I'm feeling outgoing it's like my Mom, for instance, I can talk to strangers at the store as if I know them. It kinda freaks me out a little when I do, because the Dad side says "just walk on, just walk on". I often found myself in the garage "tinkering around" with my Dad, but I also really liked being with my Mom "gathering weeds" in the hills. That might need some explaining, but you won't get it from me.
I have a few characteristics from both sides of my family, but tend to be more Dad side. Kay tends toward Mom's side. It's amazing how you can do things that Grandparents and cousins and Aunts and Uncles do with out actually being around them to learn the habit.
Anyway, I'm not a monkey, but I think in all we have all adjusted okay. Oddly enough I can do an awesome monkey call.


Monday through Sunday said...

Snarky Kay...:)

I have my Grandmother's least that is what I am told and sometimes I just do different things and people say I remind them of her. odd, huh! :)

Interesting post!

QOTW said...

I want to know more. Give me more examples. Interesting.

Julie said...

I chew on my lower lip like my Grandma H, and have speach manerisms like dads sister. Reading tastes lean toward what my dad reads, seems my funny bone switches between Gail and Auntie J. Dad has said that some things I do reminds him of Lavina. Maybe both sides are just so much alike that it is being like both is really just one? Kay has a lot of Queen in her if you know what I mean. I feel like Grandma Rose when I talk to my girls about how messy the room gets, or how they are house cats. But what is so odd is that all of my Aunts or older cousins were not constant in my formative years, except maybe Gail. Makes you wonder about what makes up a persons...self? A very interesting subject isn't it?

Kay Day said...

Grandma used to always call me Queen's name. Almost always. Mom always tells me "You looked just like "Queen" when you did that."

You are pretty darn close to a monkey. I see that now.

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Sounds like someone now don't you, Kay

Momstheword said...

Ahem! I'm right here, you know! You and Aunt J. often stand in the same position, with arms crossed across your chest, and your legs crossed. You walk like her. I see Queen's mouth and chin on Kay sometimes. Expressions, too. It is weird, isn't it? Today at the family reunion I was told that I reminded some of them of a cousin I've never seen. A few years ago a cousin on my father's side came. I was almost flabbergasted when I saw her. She looked so much like my sister M. Same clothing style, everything. Open Bible on the picnic table even. I had always thought M. was more like my mother's side.

QOTW said...

This is all fun stuff.

Moms, I had planned on going to the reunion, but then we had to re-schedule something at church, and I wasn't thinking about the reunion when we set the schedule. So sorry. I really want to come next year. I hope you'll blog about this year's, and any others of you who went. Who all was there? What kind of food? Good turnout? Bryan, Keith, others?

Robin said...

Fun post...I think we all have things that unite us with those in our families. I've always been told I look and act like my dad, but recently I saw my mother has a spot right below her right eye and I have the same spot in the same place...weird. People think my dad could be my brother. They have also mistaken me for my Gramma's daughter.

I'm sure Kay would have been lonely without you even if you knew how to push her buttons.