Sunday, August 24, 2008

Up Date

We have been going back and forth on price with one house. It is a Fanny Mae owned home, but very nice. We have a price that we are wanting to settle at, so please continue to keep us in your prayers about this whole thing. We are also waiting on the house inspection to happen for the people who are buying our home. Once that happens, and we get the $$$, we can (hopefully) move into the other home-if we settle on a price. What a mess! I don't know about these people who move every other year, and buy and sell homes like it's fun.

My hubby wants to make one trip (with a moving truck) when we move our stuff. Keep in mind that we will just put all of the clothes in the car's back seat, but also we have those 2 cats (& litter box), and 2 birds (& cages). 2 cars, and 1 pick-up truck, and the moving truck, and 3 kids. He thinks that he and the boy can do the heavy stuff by themselves. Maybe, but it's like having a young-strong-in a hurry puppy for a helper. :) He said someone might have to be left at the new home while a second trip is being made...I volunteer! :) but I am a driver, so probably not. Just a little stressed out, not much, but it hits me in waves. I might not have Internet once we move, so I will probably only post once a week or so...I will have to find a Panera- huh Kay.

If I had a memory thingy for our cameras I would take some pictures of the "box land" we have right now. Our oldest child has yet to pack, but he will, because I told him either he does it this week or I could do it for him. Guess what he choose. hee,hee. He knows I would do it too.


Robin said...

Hoping everything works out for you with this move. Are you moving far from where you are now?

Momstheword said...

Now is your chance to move and not tell your family where you are! Pete is living in a fantasy world if he thinks you can do that in one trip. It's not like you're moving across the country, like to Colorado. Surely there are some who will help you guys load the truck or drive a vehicle for you.

Kay Day said...

Well, you can do it all in one trip if he gets some people to drive the other two cars. Can't any of your friends help you guys load up and stuff?

Anyway, have fun!

Julie said...

We are not moving too far, about 45 min. away. We will have help I suppose, "you know who" just doesn't want to put anyone out I guess. We close on this house this Friday, and God willing be able to get into a new one by early next week, or sooner.

QOTW said...

Moving can definitely wear you down. We have a saying that we move when the windows get dirty. I don't feel like it, though.