Monday, August 18, 2008


Others have been doing random thoughts, so I thought I would ramble also.
* I added a gadget thingy to my side bar that I borrowed from Monday's Blog.
* I don't know who that character is, so I hope it's good.
* I feel better today, but my head is still killing me, I think it's the pressure in the air.
* Thank you for praying for me while I was puny the other day.
* I made 240 brownies today, and only ate a tiny pinch! They were good, but the recp. called for 12 cups of butter...but that's a lot of brownies.
* And a lot of butter-melted butter...yum.
* I finished packing my inside the house books today...mine not the girls. Only 10 medium size boxes.
* No house yet. Bummer.
* I'm drinking a tea that is supposed to help me lose weight, but I think it helps my body balance out and thus the weight will follow. I'll keep you posted.
* I haven't had a soda since last Saturday, so that may be why I have a headache.
* The tea is a green tea.
* I am also eating correctly like I had already started, but I have been cutting back on sugar too. It just doesn't sound good...much.
* Our big cat has learned to open the cabinets by himself, so my youngest got her chop stick hair things, and a hair tie, and made a baby lock for him. It works.
* I really want a Pepsi, but if I can resist for another 24 hours I think I will be alright.
* Okay, that's all I have to say.


Robin said...

You can make it! I'm rooting for you! No Pepsi - yeah!

Man that is a lot of brownies and a lot of butter, bet they tasted delicious. Yea to you for only eating a pinch, doubt I would have stopped there.

Momstheword said...

It will help a lot for you to pack up extra stuff like that ahead of time. You know, your sister is the champion of moving frequently. Or Queen! I'll bet they can give you some tips.

Monday through Sunday said...

Northanger Jane Austin...I have never read it. It was one of her first books that she wrote. :)

I made brownies..and I ate some..yum!

Kay Day said...

I think that Katherine character is probably a brat.
Not really sure, though.

What other books do you have besides "in the house" books? Do you keep some in the yard?

Just keep packing. It will possibly keep your mind off the sugar. I am going off the sugar again and it is hard, but yet, I have been feeling so horrible, that I kinda don't want sugar anymore. Kinda.

Kay Day said...

Oh, I mean Catherine with a C.

QOTW said...

Advice: label the outside of the boxes pretty well so you don't have to search too hard if all of the boxes don't get unpacked. At the very end of loading things up, put things you will need right away in the car or somewhere really accessible (suitcases with clothes for the week, silverware, soap, hair fixins, cat food, etc.). Let the kids pack most of their own things--you can never start too young.