Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Catch up

Here is a wandering list of things that have happened in the past few days.
1. Summer school has started, and I'm not working it!!
2. Hubby is now on summer work schedule...4 on and 3 off.
3. Strange to be home during the day with just us grown ups...nice strange.
4. So hot, I got told I could clean out the vents to start up the air...
5. I cleaned out the vents to start up the air, duh!
6.I have been walking after delivering young lings to the schools for babysitting and school work.
7. Baby sitting for the 7th grader
8. School credit for the 2 highschoolers.
9. I think I just like making lists sometimes.
10. I have been reading some good books.
11. Scary books, so I wont tell you about them.
12. The new Koontz book is out!!! "Odd Hours"
13. I'm waiting for the smaller hard back to match my, oh wait never mind, mine is that size. tee hee.

The following poem is something that I wrote a while back. I just felt physically ill whenever the news would talk about China and all of the dead. I felt compelled to write something down...get my feelings out...my sorrow. I know their are Christians in China, and I would just like to encourage all of my readers/friends to continue to pray for that land and her people. That God would be working great good out of such horrible devastation.


Momstheword said...

I would have loved some of that cool air that hot humid day. :)

Momstheword said...

Such a poet you are!

QOTW said...

I want to read Odd Hours. I'm really waiting for the third installment of Frankenstein by Koontz. I found out lately that it is supposed to come out in 2009. We've been waiting a couple of years already.

Robbie Iobst said...

Beautiful poem, Julie. Touching.