Saturday, June 7, 2008

Arizona Part 2

After we were taken to the truck stop we called a tow truck, and left a gospel track, and $20 into the strange mans truck. The tow truck was the one that passed us earlier on the road and didn't stop. This guy was old and groovy. He had chains around his neck...we could see them because his coveralls were un-hitched down to his belly button (almost). This guy was something that was for sure. He pulled in and asked who had called for the "wrecker"? Strange man drove away having done his good deed, and stranger man took over. Because Kay had to ride in the middle with the strange man I was voted (by one vote) to ride in the middle next to the very strange man. He gave us a lecture on highway protocol, about how we should have had our hood up( apparently a universal sign of needing help), and had his eyes glaze over when he asked about us..sister just out of (or almost) Bible collage and myself about to marry an MK. He also asked us if we had ever ridden in a "wrecker" we had to say no.
He drove to our car, and towed it to his shop, and than loaded us into his car to take us to a hotel.
His car was almost a low rider, and he had a sign on it that said" Blue velvet" or something weird like that. It was decked out in blue velvet and he had the blues playing in his 8 track. Deposited us at the "lovely hotel" and said he would pick us up in the morning, and that the car should be almost finished soon. He picked us up and drove us to his shop...fixed the car and charged us a ton of money for the repaired and also the "good deed" of driving us to and from the hotel. After leaving the shop and driving a few miles we stoped to get gas and the gas man checked our tires air pressure, and the tire the mechanic had removed to make the repair was about 20 pounds low on air. The gas man filled it up and sent us on our way. Another thing I remember about that trip was going through the McDonald's drive through and getting nasty fries. We didn't turn back to get the fries fixed.


Momstheword said...

There are some things I'd prefer to forget and your adventure is one of them! :) I can't remember the amount of money but it was way more than usual, but, as I said, what could we do?

Monday through Sunday said...


Kay said...

remember we got charged double for the hotel, too, didn't we? Because we couldn't check out on time, or something... I don't know. Your memory seems to be better than mine.

I do remember that those Blues he had playing were far more explicit than any I had heard before.
And he had those naked lady silhouettes in the back windows.

Julie said...

Oh yeah, and I think that in one of the vehicles he had a hula gal on the dash. He also said that he had been married like 40 times I think. The mechanics working for him were also creepy. You (Kay) should blog about your "thrill" of staying in hotels. That hotel was a little creepy too.

Robin said...

I'm glad everything turned out well.

Ruthie said...

Wow - I'm glad the Lord was watching over you! It sounds like a very scairy situation all around.