Thursday, June 26, 2008


A friend of my Husband has had a heart attack last Sunday. He is the Officer that was the guest speaker for my husband's DARE graduation. Ernie was driving to the hospital to see his dad (who was getting some kind of de-fib something adjusted for is heart), when he said his back started to hurt and his right hand went tingle. He stopped at a gas station and bought some aspirin- just in case- and continued to go see his dad. He got to the hosp. and was talking to a doctor and told him about his drive when I guess he went down and they started working on him. The nurse that was doing compressions tired out and a big male nurse lifted her off and out of the way and jumped on Ernie and punched his chest...oh yeah, they had to because meanwhile they had already zapped him 4 times!!
Ernie said he remembers bits and going down the hall way on a gurney really fast, being thrown onto a table and strapped down with the people saying they had to hurry because he couldn't go into de-fib again because they couldn't zap him anymore. Actually, he had officially "died" and they re-started him.
His eyes are all blood shot from the zaps and blood thinner-solid red instead of the white.
Ernie is about 52, runs 3miles a day and is on the swat team. Used to be a professional body builder when younger. He said he wondered why he never felt rested. Hmm!
The people put a shunt in his 100% blocked, and 2 weeks from now they will repair his 85% blocked.He said he feels sooooo much better.
He is fortunate to be alive.
Much to be thankful for, huh.


Kay Day said...

wow. good thing he was on his way to the hospital. good thing he took some aspirin
Good thing he was standing by a doctor.

Momstheword said...

Did God look over that man or not? Shows how that sudden death syndrome works. If he hadn't been at the hospital he would have died for sure. My friend Chris fell over "dead" at her house, her husband and daughter started CPR and the rescue guys were only two blocks away. They shocked her several times and she was on life support in the hospital. She is fine today, has a defibrillator and a pacemaker. She was clinically dead for about 40 minutes.

QOTW said...

Perhaps we should all live at the hospital--you know, sit in different waiting rooms as though we were waiting for someone. It could work. Or we could trust God. (;> Glad your friend is doing well.

Ruthie said...

Praise the Lord. Glad to hear he is OK.

Robin said...

Wow... We just never know... Its always surprising to me when someone who is physically active has heart problems, but it can happen to anyone. We just have to always be ready to meet our maker.

Robbie Iobst said...

When I hear stories like this one, Julie, I know that I know that God is in control and for us, ultimate control is an illusion. I am overweight and just got my heart checked out and I am completely clear and good. Your friend is top notch physical condition and was blocked. We should all get our heart checked and thank God that HE is in ultimate control of each of our tickers!