Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am a copy cat! I know this, so I don't care. I am going to copy Spinster's Thursday 13.
Thirteen things that make me laugh.
1. My youngest daughter-usually when she isn't trying.
2. My Jerry cat. He is very round.
3. My "little blue" car.
4. My oldest girl trying to be cool in the "little blue" car. ( she thinks it's a stinky car)
5. Neighbors cocker spaniel- not so smart...but she sure is purty.
6.Our 17 yr much to learn...poor baby.
8. The fact that after 5 years of living in this house my kids still get the garbage disposal switch, and the light switch mixed up.
9. Kay.
10. Dad.
11. Mom
12. The movie "Two weeks Notice"
13. Jerry cat..again..see he has to run fast past the end of the bed, and it looks like someone has tossed him into the room. It's just funny. He does that into all the rooms.
Also, I laugh at people who look silly, and at movies, and books. I don't laugh "at" people...I laugh at what they are doing, or not doing. I think I'm pretty happy for the most part. Easy to entertain. I also like to laugh about penguins.


Robin said...

Laughter is good medicine :)

QOTW said...

I love to laugh but don't do it enough. Keep laughing.

Momstheword said...

I can understand several of those things as I have witnessed them. Why do you laugh at your poor dear old mother? Like I don't know.