Sunday, June 8, 2008


I have this plant.

I don't remember the name. It is from my Mother in-laws plant that is around 50+ years old. It was her Daddy's plant.

They don't bloom very willingly or often. Last year I got one bloom. They start off looking like waxy stars.

And than they open up to pretty waxy flowers that are a little drippy with something sticky.

This year I have 4 bloom clusters!!!

I would have had 5, but one fell off because we didn't have any heat going and it got cold in the house.

The plant really likes where it is living right now I guess. :)


Monday through Sunday said...

pretty flowers!

is your header picture for real?

Julie said...

The clouds in the header are real. I don't remember what they are called, and I got them off of my local TV weather site. They are rare and don't mean a storm or anything, but they are full of water. I did see some in person once in Colorado.

Monday through Sunday said...

they are unreal looking!! Cool!

Robin said...

Very cool pictures - you are a green thumb!

Ruthie said...

Pretty flowers. Glad they are blooming so well for you.

QOTW said...

What a great family plant/flower. I have a few plants that represent family/memories.

Julie said...

I just had to giggle at the picture that came to mind, Robin, when you said I was a green thumb. Thanks, I think. :)