Monday, March 3, 2008

Lunch Box Avenger

Do you remember the 1970's?

Do you remember metal lunch boxes?

I had one that was blue and had a pretty little girl on it. I don't remember what the character was, or if it was a generic type character, but I loved it, and had a thermos to match.

One year when I was about 6 or 7 my sister fell off of our pony and hurt her arm enough that she had to have it in a sling for the rest of the year, and being right handed she had to write with her left hand. There were some boys -brothers- that had their mother working at our school, I think she was my teacher, or in charge of my teacher.

First let me say that this Lady didn't really like me I think. I think now that she was trying to direct me, help me, but it was probably more like trying to heard cats. I didn't always do what teachers thought I should do, not because I was rebellious, but because I was an- un-aware. Doop-de-doop, la, la, la, what did you say? -kind of kid. I'm sure I was a frustration.

So, Kay almost broke her arm, and it still hurt,and she was gonna have to make up work in summer school to boot!

And after school while waiting for our mom, these boys (the 2 youngest) were teasing poor little Kay. Pulling on her sling and chanting "you got a broken aaarrrmmm!" over and over again!

Well, I don't know why.....but I pulled way back and WHACK!!Smacked one of the boys on the side of the head with my lunch box. And it did say "whack!"

They went and told on me, and the mom came out and yelled at me with her finger in my face and all...but I don't even know what she said to me, probably wasn't paying attention.

Now my mom was sitting in the car and she caught the whole episode-teasing and distribution of justice and she also saw the un-just yelling at the poor little brown-eyed sweet little girl who was just trying to protect her crippled sister. She said later she should have intervened, but just the day before or so their was a parent teacher meeting saying to let the teachers deal with the problems at school.

I think the moral to this story is ...If you need to whack someone on the side of the head than just go ahead and do it. Just make sure that you do it with a metal lunch sounds very satisfying!
Oh, she did really break her arm, almost on the growth plate, and had to have a horrible pin in her arm down to her elbow, and she dis located her shoulder...but she still didn't have a cast, so it doesn't count.


Momstheword said...

Oh yeah! I was wondering when you would realize that Kay's injury was serious, la la girl. Yes I remember that incident. That lady and I could have had many run-ins over other things but I tried to get along. If I remember correctly, she came in time to see you whack her innocent little boy but she didn't see them teasing Kay and pulling on her sling. So she dealt with what she saw. But she certainly was bent over and shaking her finger in your face.

Momstheword said...

Oh yeah, I think it was Cinderella.

Robin said...

Siblings are great for teasing each other, but if someone else messes with one of our own - better look out :)