Thursday, March 6, 2008

Memory Lane

I find myself thinking back on my youth these days trying to separate fact from fiction. Sometimes you remember things that really happened, and sometimes you remember the story about what happened. This has been a very interesting topic between my mother and I over the years. I don't remember a lot of things , but what I do remember I seem to have a lot of detail about, or it could be my imagination.

When I was about 7, around the lunch box assault age, I was a dirt digger. I dug in any dirt I could find, and I found it believe me. Once I was leaning against the church/school building that we went to and started toe digging by the foundation. Soon, I was down digging in earnest and I made a wonderful discovery. It was small and grey, and lumpy, and looked like a brain...I had discovered a dinosaur brain!!! I just knew it! It was a little soft, like a brain should be, and just the right size according to playground information at the time. I showed every one I came across, and since the school was K-12, that was a wide range of ages. The older kids just smiled and said "wow, cool" or something kind like that, and the younger ones didn't care (or were jealous) about the importance of my discovery. I was happy, yes and a little smug. The last person I showed my treasure to was my sister. And I quote..."That's gum stupid" end quote.

The moral to this story is... be thankful it wasn't something worse.

Or...Maybe dinos had gum for brains.

Or...Don't show your wonderful treasures to your sister.

Or...One persons trash is another persons treasure


Kay said...

I don't have any clever comment for that.
But it was very funny. I LOL'd out loud.

Momstheword said...

Oh, this is getting really interesting from my standpoint. I may learn many things I never knew about before. You realize, don't you, that QOTW might have many stories about your school days.

Robin said...

Cute :)

QOTW said...

I think it really was a dinosaur brain. Maybe having gum for brains is what lead to the extinction of the dinosaurs!! Enjoyed the story. QOTW

Anonymous said...

Shel Silverstein's poem "Hector the Collector" starts out:

Hector the Collector
collected bits of strings

and then it goes on a really long time and then it ends ...

Hector called to all the people
come and share my treasure trunk!

And all the silly sightless people
came and looked and called it Junk.

Julie said...

I lik that! I have often thought my treasures were wonderful, while others thought them junk. To this day even. :)