Monday, March 10, 2008

What I Hate, and What I Love

I hate to exercise

I love to be finished exercising.

I hate having to stay up late.

I love sleeping in late.

I hate fish - to eat.

I love shrimp & lobster, & clam strips.

I hate Lies.

I love kind people.

I hate people who are cruel to children.

I love people who are open to adoption & sponsorship of a child.

I love writing lists.

I hate reading lists ( not really :) )


Kay said...

Sounds about right, except I love to eat fish!

The doves are here! I just now as I was writing heard one for the first time since they left.

Robin said...

I'm learning to eat fish because its supposed to be good for me.

As for exercise...I force myself to do it 6 days a week (most weeks - unless there is illness or car problems and then I get a break). I do feel good when I'm finished though :)

The reason I like lists is because I get to cross things off - sometimes I write things I know I will do just for the satisfaction of crossing it off - now you probably think I'm crazy :)

Julie said...

I write lists and than forget to do the stuff, I guess I think I'm finished. lol