Friday, March 14, 2008


My aunt and uncle had a dog named Mike.
Mike was a very smart dog, in fact, he was one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen to this day.
Mike adopted my uncle.
He came to my uncle's auto shop, and became a very good friend to my uncle and later to my aunt. But more to my uncle, I think. Well, my aunt needed to have surgery and my uncle was to go to Denver (I think) to be near her, and someone needed to watch over Mike (who by the way was an old doggy by now) and keep him company.
I did this.
I gave him his aspirin in a little ball of raw burger, I let him outside when he needed to go out to either "go" or bark at something. I stayed at his house and I even made him go on car rides. He was all arthritis in his hips, so the rides were probably not his favorite I rubbed his tummy, and scratched his back and brushed him, and he loved me.
Now let me tell those of you who didn't know Mike what he was like. He growled...a lot! His tail would wag, but his growl would say "I'm gonna bite your face off" He was a daddy's boy and that was that. But when daddy had to be gone, and all he had was a silly cousin to babysit he sweetened up and became my friend.
The surgery went well and uncle came home, and Mike returned loyalty. But sometimes...when my uncle was in the same room...Mike allowed me to scratch his back, but never his tummy. Tummy days were gone forever. There is more to say about my aunt and uncle and Mike, but I know other people can tell it better. I only know what I shared those few special days with Mike, and they are good memories.


Momstheword said...

Your Uncle V would ask "Mike, where's the squirrel?" and Mike would look for the squirrel on the top of the utility pole in front of their house. He was a good dog.

Jen said...

Ahhh, Mike. He's the dog from my childhood. I was always a little scared of him, rightly so I think.

QOTW said...

Once Mike was in Dad's truck looking out the window. I went over to say hi to him. He nearly bit my hand off. It made me love him even more!!!

Julie said...

My momma always told me to believe the end with the teeth. Ignore a wagging tail if the teeth end were growlin at ya. Good advice I say.