Friday, March 7, 2008

The Monster down the Hall

When my sister and I were younger we moved into the house my folks still live in. Un-know to my parents, the kids that were moving out thought it important to let us know that the old man that lived there first... killed himself in it. So from day one we were spooked.
The doors creaked, the windows shuttered, and as a rule we NEVER walked down the hall to get to our room. The hall had a room off to the left and two at the end. Our room that we shared was at the dead end of the hall, with our parents room right next to ours. The empty room in the hall-way had a t.v. in it and other stuff. That was the dead man room. We had a light switch at each end of the hall...we turned the light on at one end, ran down to turn the light on at the other end, than ran back to the first to turn that light off. This way we didn't have to go down the hall in the dark. And we always ran past the door in the hall especially if it was night!
We grew used to the creepiness of our home, but our sleepover friends didn't. We usually slept in the living room when we had friends over, and they didn't like the way our house creaked in the middle of the night, and their was a monster down the hall.
My sister and I could not hear the monster for the longest time, but the friends kept waking us up to listen. One day, when my friend woke me up to tell her "what is that noise?" I realized their was a monster down the hall, I could hear it too, it sounded like a strangeling bear.
Your choice for the end of this story.
1. The monster was the dead mans ghost.
2.The monster was sis talking in her sleep.
3. the monster was an over tired man with sleep apnea.


Robin said...
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Robin said...

Why do kids do that? Recently my family was visiting friends of ours and their teenage child felt the need to tell my kids that the people who lived in their house before they did were murdered there - my kids were scared, my then four year old son came and told me and I assured him that no-one was murdered there (at least not to my knowledge) The lady of the house overheard and then scolded her child for trying to scare mine.

Momstheword said...

The house was bigger than any other and had that long hallway. With dark panelling. You know, 1970's stuff. One night I heard a light switch clicking on and off,or I thought. I got out of my chair and went to hollar at a kid for being up. They were both asleep. I don't know if the girls ever knew this, but I prayed that Jesus would run out that demon or whatever it was. At least I felt better. I had some friends who bought a house in which actual witchcraft had been practiced. He was a pastor and before they moved in, their church held a prayer meeting in the front yard just to ask God to vanish the evil spirits from that house.

Kay said...

yeh, I think there was more than just scary stories going on in that house - at first anyway.
But the creaking and moaning was just house talk and became very comforting to me.
I remember my friend (A) being convinced that there was a bear. She was hearing the "monster" and didn't believe me when I told her what it really was.